Galaxy Tab S2 – The Potential iPad Killer Will Arrive Soon!

Galaxy Tab S2 – The Potential iPad Killer Will Arrive Soon!

Galaxy Tab S2 – The Potential iPad Killer Will Arrive Soon!

by July 21, 2015
galaxy tab s2


Samsung seems to have taken its tag line far too seriously; it keeps its global customers guessing ‘Next is what?’ and when someone pops that question, Bang! It gives a fitting reply and comes up with a new flagship product. Yes, I am referring to brand new release of Samsung flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2. Samsung announced the release on Saturday (20th July 2015) but the consumers will have to wait till next month for the tab to hit the market worldwide.

galaxy tab s2 thin


Super Smart and UItra Light

Touted to be the iPad killer, this super thin, super smart and ultra-light. According to, Samsung is going to release two variants of the tab. Galaxy Tab S2 will be available in two different sizes. The 9.7 inch tablet will be 5.6 mm thick and weight just about 389 grams and 8.0 inch model has the same thickness but weighs only 256 grams.

galaxy tab s2 display


Vibrant Display

One of the eye catching features of this amazing tablet is its super cool screen that boasts of AMOLED display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The sharp, crisp and vibrant display is sure to provide an enthralling user experience. The screen is powered by adaptive display technology, which automatically adjusts the saturation, sharpness and brightness levels of the display based on the outer environment. This feature is a great boon for people who like to read a lot on their tablet; it would not cause any strain to their eyes.

Hardware Specifications

On the hardware front, Samsung as usual has gone for best specifications, the Galaxy Tab S2 is loaded with Octa-core processor, which has Quad 1.3 GHz and Quad 1.9 GHz processors. The fast processor coupled with 3 GB RAM promises to provide a seamless multi-tasking experience; users can switch between different applications and enjoy a fluid performance.


For several Tablet users, the internal memory is a serious problem; with Galaxy Tab S2 you would face no such issues as it comes with 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage variants. Additionally, the tablet also has a space for an external microSD card, which is expandable up to 120 GB. Thus, you would have no shortage of space to keep all your multimedia files, important documents and pictures saved safely.

galaxy tab s2 lollipop


Android Lollipop

The device is powered by the latest 5.0 Android Lollipop OS. The tab also comes pre-loaded with a full Microsoft office Solutions Suite, that enables you to easily access your word documents, excel sheets and power point presentations on the go. You can read, edit and immediately share the spreadsheets and documents files without any hassles.

galaxy s2 fingerprint scanner


Finger Print Scanner

Tablet is a very personal device and you surely want to keep your tab safe and secured. With Galaxy Tab S2 you can be assured of full protection as it comes with a finger print scanner that restricts any unwanted users accessing your tablet. For an added layer of protection, the tab also has a pre-installed anti-malware, which keeps your device protected from virus and malware threats.

Other notable feature of this amazing tab is that both the variants would have a dual app Pop-up window, which is similar to the iOS 9 split-screen feature. The dual window allows the users to run multiple apps simultaneously within a single screen and switch between both the apps with ease. On the camera front, the tab packs in an 8 MP rear camera and a 2.1 MP front camera that lets you record high quality videos with 30 fps.

The tablet is a complete personal device that is specially designed to help users carry out their tasks anywhere and everywhere.