EXPLORE THE ‘GALAXY’ OR BITE THIS ‘APPLE’? – Galaxy S6 edge plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

EXPLORE THE ‘GALAXY’ OR BITE THIS ‘APPLE’? – Galaxy S6 edge plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

EXPLORE THE ‘GALAXY’ OR BITE THIS ‘APPLE’? – Galaxy S6 edge plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

Galaxy S6 edge plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

When two Alphas meet in the ring, the audience is the winner. In our world of Smartphones, these two “alphas” are Samsung and Apple, the ring is the market, and the consumer is the audience. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus that is expected to launch soon is considered to be the answer to the more premium Apple iPhone 6 Plus which released just a few months before. The launch of Galaxy S6 edge plus will signify the beginning of the still unclear question of which is superior? The Korean product or the Cupertino based company’s device. There is no doubt that both these Smartphones are brilliant products in themselves, but for those looking to buy either of these Smartphones, we give you a brief comparison of the Galaxy S6 edge + and iPhone 6 Plus’ features and specifications…

Operating System

Starting with the OS that runs these gadgets, the iPhone 6 Plus comes equipped with Apple’s very own iOS 8, while the Galaxy S6 edge plus has the latest Android iteration, Lollipop. Both these operating systems have their own loyal fans, with Android fans citing the OS’s customizability as its USP and iOS users loving the premium services that it provides.

samsung galaxy edge plus display

Image source: Samsung.com

iphone 6 plus display

Image Source: apple.com

When it comes to design, iPhone 6 Plus sports an aluminum body while the S6 edge + comes with appealing curved edges and a glass main body with aluminum accents. Although both the Smartphones have HD resolutions, the 5.7” offering QHD 1440p resolution while the iPhone 6 Plus has a lesser 1080 x 1920p one.


samsung galaxy edge plus camera

Image source: Samsung.com

On the camera front, we have the Galaxyy S6 edge plus’s 16 MP primary camera on one side, and the world renowned Apple’s iSight 8 MP primary camera on the other side. Megapixels do matter, but when it comes to picture quality, we think that the iPhone 6 Plus surpasses the Galaxy S6 edge plus. When it comes to video recording, Galaxy S6 edge plus is capable of recording in QHD 1440p resolution while the highest resolution offered by iPhone 6 Plus is 1920×1080. The secondary camera on the Samsung device is 5 MP and on the Apple one is a 1.2 MP.

iphone 6 plus camera

Image Source: apple.com

Battery and Hardware

On the tech front, the Galaxy S6 edge plus is powered by an 8-core, 2100 MHz Max clock speed, Exynos 7420+ chipset, with 4 GB RAM whereas the iPhone 6 Plus uses the Apple A8 chip, Dual core, 1400 MHz, Cyclone ARMv8-A 2nd gen., 64-bit processor with 1 GB RAM. Again, fans of both the corners attest to the smooth and fluid functioning of their beloved Samsung and Apple gadgets. When it comes to juice, the iPhone 6 Plus has a more powerful 2915mAh battery while Galaxy S6 edge plus has a 3000mAh one. With the constant heating issues that are coming to fore in the media regarding Samsung’s battery, a little bit of extra research is required by the user in this area.

Price Tags

Lastly, we consider the price tags that these Smartphones come with. Don’t have any doubts regarding the pricing as both definitely will set you back by quite some amount. While the 128 GB variant of the iPhone 6 Plus costs about Rs.75, 000, the Galaxy S6 edge plus is expected to be priced at around Rs. 55, 000.

Thus, “to buy or not to buy” is definitely not the question. Rather, the question is which one of these to buy as both offer splendid features and product quality with their own pros and cons. We’d suggest you get your hands on both these gadgets and see which one speaks to you for yourself…

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