Future Of Portable Technology – Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone-Cum-Tablet

Future Of Portable Technology – Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone-Cum-Tablet

Future Of Portable Technology – Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone-Cum-Tablet

by December 8, 2015

If ambition and innovation had to be combined, it wouldn’t read as “ambovation”, instead it would spell as ‘S-A-M-S-U-N-G’. The Korean brand is leaving no stone unturned to show the tech world that it means business when it comes to launching better and superior products. Right from competing with the likes of Apple, to clinching major market shares in the field of smartphones and tablets, Samsung has shown its thinking and marketing prowess to all… and now, it has come up with another way to show just how seriously it takes its work. According to a patent published by the United States Patent And Trademark Office on November 26, Samsung appears to be working on what we can only assume to be the future of portable technology: a foldable Smartphone-cum-tablet!

samsung foldable display

Source: venturebeat.com

With portability becoming the key to what sort of gadgets and devices consumers will prefer to buy, simply having either a smartphone or tablet isn’t enough; the consumers would like to have both. This want of the new-age consumers is what Samsung hopes to tap into with its latest patented design, which it had started working on three years ago. This design, named Youm, made use of thin plastic instead of glass to make the display unbreakable. Back then, it was demonstrated using a Windows Smartphone, with promises of it coming to the masses soon and it appears that this promise will bear fruit this coming year.

foldable display phone

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The USPTO patent gives a few details of the foldable display which will entail a flexible design. As per the patent, more than one design is being considered for the forthcoming Samsung products.

One of the designs appears to be that of a conventional textbook, with the flexible dimension coming in at the centre of the display. This means that if incorporated, the user will be able to fold the device in half by simply closing it like a book. Sounds interesting! If only Samsung finds a way to keep the display sleek enough to not result in a bulky device.

samsung patent flexible display

Source: ndtv.com

The other idea, what we would like to name as the ‘newspaper’ design, entails a scrollable display which can be rolled to form a cylinder.

However, there is no indication regarding the orientation of the screen when folded or rolled. We don’t know yet, if the display will face outward at all times or face each other inwards when folded. The success of the new foldable design will largely depend on the material used, the sleekness of the device when folded/rolled, and the tech specs that it rides on.

flexible display patent samsung

Source: ndtv.com

According to SamMobile, a blog on everything Samsung, this flexible technology will see the light of day on Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, supposedly called Project Valley. Furthermore, the device will be sold in only European markets such as France, the U.K, Germany, Italy, and Samsung’s home ground, South Korea, at first. Up until the day when Project V comes to India, we Indians like most of the world will have to make do with the Samsung S6 Edge, if we want a ‘different’ looking smartphone…