From 3rd July, FitBit will help track your fitness!

by June 29, 2015
Fit bit

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Ever seen a jogger during your morning walk who constantly keeps checking his wrist? Or maybe that colleague at the next desk who straps something on her wrist before heading out for a break? Chances are that all of us have, at some point, come across a person fitting this description… And the thing on their wrists? Well, those tiny little devices are the latest in what the market calls “wearables” or “activity trackers”. These genius wearable devices are the constant companions of many health conscious people who wish to keep a check and track their fitness. Fitbit, the market leader of such wearable devices is coming to India on 3rd July with a range of devices. Partnering with the online retail store Amazon, the San Francisco based company will launch six of their fitness trackers for the health conscious Indian.

The company will foray into the Indian market and compete with the current sensation, the Xiaomi Band, with the following wearables:-

Fitbit Surge

fitbit surge

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This device offers features like GPS, continuous wrist- heart rate tracking, with smartwatch functionality too. Real-time pace and distance along with elevation on device; syncs with mobile devices to show route history, speed, elevation and workout summaries. It comes with a 7 day long battery life and will be available in blue, black and tangerine colors, for a price of 19,990 only.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit charge hr

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Along with a heart rate tracker and an all day activity tracker, this device also has automatic sleep detection, and a caller ID to help you keep track those calls you probably miss while working out. Apart from blue, black and tangerine it will also be available in plum color. With a battery backup of up to 5 days, it is priced at 12,990.

Fitbit Charge

fitbit charge

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With the usual tracking functions for tracking all day activity the charge comes with an OLED screen to display all the vital stats including floors climbed, calories burned, it also counts every step you take (all that effort just to keep you fit!). It is also water resistant and comes with a textured design that will be available in black and blue. It has a long battery life of 7-10 days.

Fitbit Flex

fitbit flex

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For the fashionably fit, the Fitbit Flex has a minimalistic sleek design. Like the other Fitbit gadgets it has a sleep, steps, activity and a calorie tracker. At a price of Rs. 6,990 it will be available in 10 colours including navy, black, slate, red, tangerine, teal, lime and pink (so that you can pick a matching one!). It has a battery life of 5 days.

Fitbit one

Fitbit one

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This device is a chip based tracker to track steps, activity, sleep, distance, floors climbed and calories burned. This little device encourages you to meet your fitness goals by displaying all your activities by just pushing a small button. You can also sync all this data in your PC or smartphone wirelessly. Available in black and burgundy, it is priced at Rs. 6,990.

Fitbit Zip

fitbit zip

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The Fitbit Zip is a simple chip based tracker to track distance, steps and calories burned. What makes Zip different is its water-resistant feature that allows you to use it while you swim. This replaceable battery device is very economically priced at Rs. 3,990 with a long battery life of 6 months. The Zips will be available in charcoal and magenta colours.

Join the revolution in fitness tracking with this amazing range of wearable from Fitbit this July.