Find “The Perfect GIF” the HULU way!

Find “The Perfect GIF” the HULU way!

Find “The Perfect GIF” the HULU way!

by April 12, 2015

Saw Rick Castle make an adorable expression on TV? Or maybe one of the Modern Family members cracked you up with their jokes. With the online video streaming website ‘Hulu’ launching its new GIF search engine powered by Tumblr, you can now discover a GIF version of your favorite TV character’s action, reaction etc. The site is very cleverly named “The Perfect GIF”. This addition will be a welcome change from the other GIF resources such as Giphy or for that matter other GIF making devices like Imgur.

Hulu‘s vault contained about 1400 GIFs at its launch a few days ago. The GIFs can be searched using a tag or the show’s name with filter options available too. The GIFs of classic shows like Star Trek, Twin Peaks, The X- Files etc. find mention in the database. Major networks like Fox, NBC, ABC, FX, Showtime, MTV, Bravo etc. have GIFs based on their shows up on the website.

If you feel like sharing these GIFs, go ahead; the GIFs can be posted on Pinterest, Twitter or even shared through email, provided you agree to Hulu’s Terms of Use. These terms are pretty standard and include conditions like the GIFs cannot be used for commercial purposes.


A great advantage of using Hulu’s GIFs is the superior quality of the GIFs as it is licensed content made available to Hulu. Secondly, the GIFs are made into a mobile friendly manner making it easy to share them. Another benefit is its wide coverage of potential GIFs in terms of the shows that are on hand with Hulu. However, the GIFs also come with a certain drawback- all GIFs come with the Hulu hash tag along with the show’s and network name.

The internet is abuzz with suggestions that this is Hulu’s attempt to increase its reach by appealing to Tumblr’s young brigade- its regular users. This venture is being seen as a strategy of promoting Hulu as well as its content partners. It will be essential for Hulu to keep its store updated with the latest content from the TV shows or else it may turn into just another GIF sharing vehicle without any USP. Addressing this, Hulu states that it will add new GIFs to its collection within days or weeks of the new episodes airing. For the time being, it is adding more and more GIFs to gather more fans.

Check out the “The Perfect GIF” for yourself and see if you can get that Castle or Modern Family pictures we were talking about!