FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones And μBTR Bluetooth Receiver Launched In India

FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones And μBTR Bluetooth Receiver Launched In India

FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones And μBTR Bluetooth Receiver Launched In India

by August 24, 2018

FiiO has added to its already expanding product portfolio in India with the launch of two new Bluetooth-enabled audio products. The products include a set of Bluetooth earphones named the FiiO FB1 and the second is a Bluetooth receiver named the μBTR Bluetooth Receiver. This comes on the heels of the FiiO M7 lossless digital audio player which has already been launched by the company in India.

The FB1 Bluetooth Earphones support aptX, SBC and AAC audio codecs over a wireless connection. It comes with a large 13mm dynamic driver that is specifically tuned for popular music. This creates an unparalleled user experience. The company describes it as enabling the user to experience ‘those sweet highs and awesome bass in an expansive soundstage’. The unique feature of the earphone is that it can simultaneously support two connected devices. This implies that users can connect the device to their smartphone and laptop at the same time.

The FB1 Bluetooth earphone is powered by Qualcomm’s CSR8645 chip. It offers seamless support for Bluetooth 4.1. The earphone features a 110mAh battery. If the company’s claims are true, the earphone can be fully charged in two hours and facilitates a playback time of 8 hours.

As per the company, the FB1’s body has been coated with a Nano spray. This gives the earphone a smooth texture while making it robust and resistant to scratches or dirt. The FiiO FB1 will be available for a price tag of Rs. 3,990. The earphone will be available for purchase on the company’s official website – It will also be sold at leading online and offline retailers.

FiiO has also launched the μBTR Bluetooth Receiver in India alongside the FB1 earphones. The receiver, like the earphone, is powered by the Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip. It supports aptX, SBC and AAC audio codecs for wireless audio and operates in the radius of 10 meters. The receiver is equipped with a high-performance Texas Instruments TPA6132A2 amplifier. The amplifier enables the receiver to provide a high-quality wireless experience which is more efficient and better than the wired connection as per the company.

The μBTR packs in independent local volume control which empowers the users to adjust the volume of the Bluetooth device and the μBTR’s own volume separately. The device is accompanied by a built-in high-sensitivity omnidirectional microphone. It allows others to hear the user clearly when the user speaks during a voice call.

The Bluetooth receiver comes with a 120mAH battery. It offers a playback of 9 hours with just one hour of charging. In addition, the device comes with an embedded NFC chip that enables users to pair over Bluetooth with just a touch between the devices. The Bluetooth receiver also enables seamless access to voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri with just one double-click.

The μBTR Bluetooth Receiver comes at a price tag of Rs. 2,490. Like the FiiO FB1 earphone, this device too shall be available for purchase on It will also be available at leading online and offline retailers.