Few Things You Never Knew About the New Samsung Galaxy SIII

Few Things You Never Knew About the New Samsung Galaxy SIII

Few Things You Never Knew About the New Samsung Galaxy SIII

by September 5, 2012

No doubt, the Galaxy SIII is one of the best smart phones Samsung has ever produced with over 100 million units sold in less than 2 months. The Android phone is all packed with the coolest features including gesture and voice controls. Even after you have had a good amount of hands-on, there are chances you might still miss out on some of its most sought after features.  The Galaxy SIII is a lot more than just a device that allows you to make phone calls, send text messages and browse the internet. Listed below are a few of its less known features that can surely make your life a lot easier.

Calling was never so easy
What do you do when you urgently need to call someone? You first go to your phonebook and spend a few seconds trying to locate the desired name. How old-fashioned? The motion controls in the Galaxy SIII allows you to make a call by just bringing the device close to your ears while you are viewing a specific contact. Moreover, with the voice control features, it is now possible for you to answer calls by voice alone. So, your fingers finally have less work to do.

Who’s calling?
Assign a unique ringtone for every contact, and you will easily know who’s calling without even glancing at the phone screen. Of course, almost every mobile phone comes with this feature built-in. But, this is not the one we are talking about. The new Samsung Galaxy SIII allows you to assign unique vibration patterns for every contact name. So, even if your phone’s ringer is turned off, you can still know who’s calling without even getting the phone out of your pocket. Cool, isn’t it?

More than just crystal clear
There are times when you get quite irritated with the sound quality of the call you attend. If you are at home, you move from one room to another hoping to find a better connectivity. But, that hardly seems to be working. With the call-equalization setting, it is now possible to customize the quality of the call based on your requirement. None of your past mobile phones ever gave you that, did they?

Pump up the volume
At times, the call seems to be quite clear, but the volume seems to be a bit low. You finally set the volume to the max, but that doesn’t seem to be helping too much. Finally, you hang up on the caller. No, you don’t have to be that rude. The Galaxy SIII allows you to increase the volume of the call beyond its set limit. An ‘extra-volume’ button appears on the screen while you are making a call. You can then increase the volume higher in case the voice is not quite audible.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a lot more than just a smart phone. It is indeed a revolution. So, if you are planning to get one for yourself, hurry. It’s worth every penny you spend on it. To find the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, make sure you log on to compareraja.in, a leading online price comparison website in India. It is sure to get the best deal right onto your table.