Features You Need to Look for While Buying a Camera

Features You Need to Look for While Buying a Camera

Features You Need to Look for While Buying a Camera

by April 12, 2017
Features You Need to Look for While Buying a Camera

Making an investment in a good camera is a huge deal for professional photographers and outdoor enthusiasts. For clicking a good picture, half of the work involves in having a great camera. The rest is the talent of the photographer. If you are planning on getting a new camera to hone your skills and passion then you need to consider a few essentials first. Here are these essentials you need to factor in while buying a camera:

1. Lenses are the most integral part of the camera

Camera Features Lens

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While the rest of the features are equally important, if your lenses aren’t sharp and good, then your camera is a waste. Lenses decide the edge and color clarity of pictures clicked by you. You can choose anything, from a wide angle lens to a telephoto lens, whatever is suitable for your requirements and the kind of photos you click.

2. What’s your budget?

Cameras can be pretty expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. So you need to decide on a budget first according to your camera requirements and how you use the camera. For regular travel and trip photography, you can use a simple, compact camera. But if you want to click amazing pictures with good clarity, edge, focus and color quality, you can go for DSLRs.

3. Megapixels are mostly important for print

In every camera advertisement, you will notice the work megapixel. And nevertheless, you would have had the idea that the more the megapixels, the better the picture. Well, it’s not entirely true. Yes, megapixels matter on cameras, but only up to a standard. Megapixels mostly decide how the print quality would be of your picture.

4. Connectivity

Camera Features Connectivity

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Cameras these days come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities, which make instant sharing of the picture much easier. If you are in a profession that requires your pictures to be immediately transferred or shared than you might go for a camera with these features. Some cameras need to be connected to an app to activate the features. Anyway, that goes, the result would be that your pictures are easily shared and transferred.

5. Basic settings

Camera Features Settings

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You need to check the three basic setting levels of the camera you want to buy- the ISO, the Shutter Speed, and the Aperture. These three are the most important features of your camera and these three decide the quality of your pictures. So you need to check which camera provides you with the widest range settings of these three features.

6. The weight of the camera

Camera Features Camera Weight

Travel and wildlife photographers generally don’t like lugging around a heavy camera as it slows them down and tires them easily. If you are in a field in which you need to travel a lot and click pictures than you need to be careful about the weight of the camera while selecting the camera. You need to select the camera you are most comfortable with carrying around.

7. Autofocus

It is sometimes necessary when you are clicking rapid pictures, or you are clicking pictures of a moving object. Though photographer rarely uses it, autofocus is still a vital feature you must look for while buying a camera.

8. Built-in flash

This is a very important feature for night photography or dim light photography. Almost every camera these days comes with a built-in flash. However, in some cameras, you might need a fixable flash device to get better quality features. You need to decide which of these would be most suitable for you.

Use these points as a guiding measure and compare all your options before you make the final decision to buy the camera you would love.