Father’s Day gifts, because Dads are special too!

Father’s Day gifts, because Dads are special too!

Father’s Day gifts, because Dads are special too!

by June 17, 2016
Fathers Day gifts

Most of us grew up with our father looking after us, taking care of our needs and our health as well. They’d run to the doctor if you weren’t well or get worried if you scraped a knee. They’ve been strong pillars, and it’s time we return the favour. While we’re growing up, we often forget they’re growing old too and need a lot of care. You may not be able to be around them the whole day, but little gestures are enough to make them feel special and express your affection.

Most of us belong to families where you need not explicitly tell each other how you feel, but little things you do are enough to let them know the same. This Father’s Day take the opportunity and do just that. Yes, you could get him a card or a gift, like some new shiny device, or other cliché gifts. That might probably lead to a few awkward smiles followed by a discussion on what to have for dinner, just to shift focus from the topic.

If you’re one of those few who are a part of an expressive family, you could throw a party; for the rest of us, here are a few ideas to let them know you care. We all use our smartphone or often overuse it. Here’s how you can put it to good use. Your father taught you how to write; you could help him learn how to use his smartphone to stay fit. Here’s a list of few apps that you could download for them.

1. My Fitness Pal

Fathers day my fitness pal mobile app

This all-in-one app allows you to count calories and keep a track of the one’s burnt by logging in the exercise sessions. You can get this one for your Dad, and he could keep a track of his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the other things he’s been munching on all day. That way it’s easier to track, and he will soon realise if he’s been eating unhealthy. An excellent way to make sure he makes smart and healthy food choices every day!

2. Medisafe

Fathers day medisafe mediacl app ailing parents

This app is perfect; it helps you set reminders to take medicines. Get this one for your Dad and you can be at work without worrying about if he’s taking his medications. It lets you add a dosage for all each course and also keep a track of which medicines you’ve been taking. It will help you check their weekly and monthly records.

3. Credit health

Credit health mobile app fathers day

This app is your one-stop solution for your dad’s health. Credit health helps you check for hospitals, doctors, various medicines and their side effects too. You can check for medical diagnosis, the kind of treatments available and their implications too. You can also use the app to upload your medical history and reports and get a second opinion. Wouldn’t this be perfect for your parent! They won’t have to worry about having to go to a doctor or if he/she is a credible source or not.

4. Mykiddytracker

Mykiddytracker mobile app fathers day

Primarily for kids, this app is designed to track where your loved ones are, so you won’t have to worry about them. You could get this one for your Dad too, because no matter how old you get your parents will always worry about you, and this app lets them track where their kid is! You can also use the app to chat and send messages.

5. Follow app

Followapp mobile app fathers day parents

This one is a smart call reminder, so you don’t forget to call them up. While you could use all the technology in the world to make sure they’re healthy, there’s nothing that can replace the human touch. In case you’re the kind who get too busy with work or just forget to make calls, this one will make sure you do!