Fashion tips to make it through the summer in style!

Fashion tips to make it through the summer in style!

Fashion tips to make it through the summer in style!

by April 5, 2015

Summer is here, and so is the dreadful heat that tags along! With the unbearable sun over our heads, trying to be at your best appearance is the last thought that would cross your mind. But there never is a break for or from fashion. So, here are a few helpful style tips you can follow to look cool and feel comfortable throughout summer even when the sun is staring at you in its full glory:

Pick the right fabric

As much as you like the very attractive polyester and nylon clothes hanging in your closet, it’s time to push them aside for the season. It is no surprise that cotton is the best material to go along with in summers, but there’s more that you can try.

Linen is cool, absorbent and very comfortable to carry off which makes it a great option for summer wears. And if that’s not enough for you, we also have silk. It’s light, airy, and breathable and not to mention looks absolutely spectacular on anyone and everyone.

Colours matter

Your love for Black and the darker shades of your favourite colours are about to take a momentary halt for the season. Lighter and brighter colours like yellow, orange, and pink, white even are your best friends now. They bounce off the heat and help you stay cooler, unlike black and the shades that come close to it that absorb the heat, making you sweat 10 times more than you should.

Go easy breezy

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes. Go light with colour, as well as fitting. Full jeans are a NO, try the very comfortable harem pants instead, or a nice knee length cotton skirt. But if you just can’t part with your jeans, there are the classic jeans shorts too. Not to forget the crop tops with high waist pants and skirts. The options are just endless, literally.

Sun dresses and summers go hand in hand

Summer is one big reason for fashionistas to rejoice since it’s the time when their best sun dresses get to see the light of the day. Just remember little white dresses, halter necks, tropical patterns, floral prints, and you’re good to go!

Accessorize to mesmerize

Sunglasses are a must during this season to shield your beautiful eyes from the sun. Try mirrored glares. They do the trick and are extremely catchy and go really well with lean faces. Not to forget a hat. Especially for your beach trip, it’s just something you are not allowed to forget when you pack. Keep your feet on the ground with flats. Slippers, wedges and sandals work best during this season.

Keep your makeup from melting

The summer heat causes your skin to become oily and sweaty, which in turn becomes bad news for makeup. In order to avoid your makeup from melting, keep it minimal. Avoid a foundation, go with a light powder and use a primer before applying eye shadow to make it last longer. Also the lipstick will last long if you apply a light coat of foundation before putting the lipstick on.

Just go about following these tips and you’re sure to keep all the on-lookers sweatin’ with your hotness! Have a Happy Summer!