Fashion for Men: How to Look Trendy This Winter

Fashion for Men: How to Look Trendy This Winter

Fashion for Men: How to Look Trendy This Winter

by January 2, 2015


There it is again, the nip in the air, the cold fingertips and chilly toes and the constant urge to stay huddled in bed; winter, the yearly feature that calls for those naphthalene infused woolen coats, the oversized sweaters, mittens, scarves and boots. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Having to stare at the same cable-knit jumper every year and pick up the same coats can become quite detrimental when it comes to basic styling. After all, wearing winter clothes does not necessarily mean it has to be drab and dowdy.

Let’s check out some fashionable winter wear for men, accessories and apparel that are a must to making the ladies swoon and your male friends jealous. Here are the staples, with a twist!

Men-Fashion-TrendsThat Corduroy Suit 

Yep, yep and yep! Warm, stylish and affordable, corduroy has a timeless beauty about it. From stitched pants to shirts and complete suits, corduroy is a material that is just perfectly suited for those nippy fall evenings and winters. Not only do they look absolutely stylish, corduroy apparel have that soft, silky sheen to them and aren’t even heavy to carry.

winter-fashionJackets, Coats & Parkas 

Did everyone say how your oversized coat, bomber jacket or parka was not fashionable? Well, guess what, it’s pretty much a must-have in your wardrobe this year. Not only are they the perfect winter accessory to keep you warm and dry, pair these off correctly and you have a winner. The trick is not to look too muted or too bright. The right color combo is deadly vital, so, an olive green parka will go well with, say, a light beige sweater underneath and so on. What’s more, you can now wear your parka with aplomb over that slick office suit and actually get away with it!

Stylish Middles

Warm does not necessarily border on boring. The key to fashion is, knowing how to mix and match your winter wear while not going overboard with yearly purchases. Break the code and don’t hesitate to go a little wild. Try crew neck sweatshirts, bright Argyle printed turtlenecks, hit it off with a plaid shirt underneath some knitted winter wear, etc.

Get the Right Layers

Layering is crucial, but layering so that you don’t look like a stuffed sausage is even more crucial. To get that totally chique look, just remember to put on roomier, longer layers underneath, and followed by snug, shorter layers on top. Totally cool right?


From jackets to gloves, boots and head-warmers, leather is a material that is a must in every man’s winter wardrobe. Not only does leather have the advantage to make everything look slick and stylish, it’s also a great insulation against the chill.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Accessorize Wisely 

Winter accessories like socks, scarves, hand-warmers, mufflers, beanies, etc can easily get tagged as being ‘dorky’. But it’s important to realize that these accessories can add just the right amount of panache to your wardrobe when done wisely. Sensible colors and simple patterns are important. Break away from the skinny pinstriped neck-warmer and get yourself something that is well-suited to your attire.

Try Different Materials

Go ahead and experiment with materials you haven’t tried before. Fleece, Merino wool and Cashmere are good materials to stock your winter wardrobe with. They might be a bit on the expensive side, but there’s no harm in having some for special occasions right?

Men-Winter-Boots-FashionWinter Boots 

It might sound unimportant but proper winter footwear will save you from a lot of headache. For starters, winter boots can be the best way to insulate your feet and keep them warm. Also, with the right style, you can create the perfectly fashionable attire as well. And there’s so much to choose from too; combat boots, Wellingtons, thick lug soles and leather boots, take your pick.

People often worry about dressing down and looking boring during winter, or being too heavily covered with thick, drab layers. The trick lies in knowing your style and picking up clothes that do not downplay your appearance, but enhance it. Wearing body-warmers or thermals underneath a crisp silk suit will leave everyone guessing at how cool you can look without a single winter wear on, while switching your usual woolen coat for a patterned poncho will bring out that debonair dash inside you perfectly well, won’t it?!