Facebook goes Desi with its Hindi transliteration feature!

Facebook goes Desi with its Hindi transliteration feature!

Facebook goes Desi with its Hindi transliteration feature!

by April 26, 2016
Facebook transliteration

Facebook has been a part of our lives for a while now and provides us the platform that we need to be able to express our opinions. Where you don’t have to worry about the number of words or characters as you pour your heart out. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just use our preferred language to do this? Well, now that’s possible too.

Facebook, based on feedback from its customers, launched a Hindi transliteration feature. Do you want to know what that does? We’ve often used words on our Facebook posts that are native to our language, but we end up typing them in the roman script. Your phone either doesn’t support a Devanagari script keyboard or sometimes it is just awfully difficult to find the right alphabets with the maatras. Not anymore! The new transliteration feature allows you to type in the roman script and converts it to Devanagari. It’s like magic. The feature provides suggestions and an alternative to use the Devanagari script keyboard.

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The recent update for the facebook app, the Facebook v73 has a lightweight Hindi editor. You can activate this by changing your app settings. Every time you send a message or post something on your wall, the tiny button on top will help you change it into Devanagari script. The app is also programmed to remember your most frequently used suggestions. You can check through a list of similar words and pick the one you want, making it really user-friendly.

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The company stated that “We’ve heard feedback from people that they’d like to read and write in their native Hindi script on Facebook. So we are now rolling out a lightweight Hindi editor inside the Facebook app for Android phones. When the app setting is turned on, a button is added to the bar where you type updates and comments, which automatically transliterates Roman characters to Hindi script.”

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Although most cellphone users are loyal to the android OS, not all android phones provide a multilingual keyboard. Before this feature, if you wanted to type in using Hindi characters, or the Devanagari script you were required to download a separate app that allows you to do so. Facebook just changed the game with its Hindi transliteration feature.

Facebook also launched the group calling feature. You can now make group calls using the Facebook messenger. Limited to 50 people at present, it is expected to increase the number soon. Users are expected to have an amazing response to both these upgrades. In case you’re bad at reading in the Devanagari script, we suggest you revise a little. Very soon there could be Devanagari all over your wall!