Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp on its Platform

Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp on its Platform

Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp on its Platform

by April 11, 2015

Last year Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. While many were of the opinion that the deal will further add up to WhatsApp’s popularity, a few believed that the step was a mere gameplay by Facebook to secure its growing fan base.

In reality WhatsApp has been enjoying sunny days ever since it joined hands with Facebook. Take for instance, the ‘WhatsApp for the web’ feature that was launched recently. Moving it all a step further, the social networking giant also decided to incorporate the voice calling feature in the app, which was gracefully welcomed.

But, that doesn’t seem to be ending there. Facebook will soon integrate WhatsApp onto its social platform, which will enable users to share content from Facebook to their personal contacts via WhatsApp.

Who needs that feature anyways? Isn’t the whole world on Facebook? Well, that’s definitely a tough assumption. Of course, it might be hard to find a friend who’s not on Facebook. But, look around and you’ll surely find a few, especially the ‘I Hate Social Networking’ type of people.

The new feature lets you share your Facebook content with those who are not using the social platform but would still be interested in knowing what you share. So, what better way than sending them the updates on WhatsApp right from your Facebook account?


The image above was released by one of the leading international media publications. The mobile display on the right highlight the regular mobile version of Facebook, while the one shown on the left has a WhatsApp icon located at the bottom left below the images that show up in the news feeds. Not much is yet known about this brand new feature.

Note that this feature is not officially announced by Facebook. So, once the curtains are up, we can expect a lot more than what is being talked about right now.