by June 3, 2016

Apple WWDC event 2016

Apple’s latest iPhone 5SE may not have appealed to its fans or the tech market, but that hasn’t shaken the confidence of the Cupertino-based tech giant. If anything, its resolve to provide better than the best seems to have solidified… And that’s what it promises to present at this year’s Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference to be held from June 13-17 in San Francisco. Don’t worry, dear ‘Geek’, you will be able to stream it live!

Here’s a little of what we know about the apples that we’ll find in the orchards of San Francisco:

1. iOS 10

ios 10

Image source: ios10guide.com

One of the classiest interfaces, Apple loyalists swears by them. The previous iteration, iOS 9 wasn’t really a star, and by the looks of the initial reports, even the latest one will only have certain major changes. The first major revamp will be that of its beloved App Store. Paid search results and better navigation is on the cards, which will hopefully lead to more accurate search results. Change #2 is the ability to hide the (sometimes) annoying inbuilt apps such as Stocks (seriously, who uses them?!), Voice Messages, etc. Lastly, Apple Music will now display lyrics too! Karaoke, anyone? Oh, and it will also sport a quintessential B&W theme instead of the current magenta one.

2. Mac OS

siri on mac os

Image source: portableone.com

Yes, now the operating system for Mac will be simply known as MacOS and good news is, Siri will now come to Mac and MacBooks! The digital assistant will now find a place in your laptop and computer, akin to what Cortana does for Windows.

3. MacBooks

macbook pro

Image source: 1080.plus

The WWDC is known to unveil latest software but on occasion it has been known to display some new products too. This year’s event will see the new version of MacBook Pro, a slimmer and trimmer version of its existing MacBook line. There is one small change that might annoy a few users… Okay, not a few but many- Apple intends to replace the standard USB ports to USB type- C one. Yes, Apple MacBooks will now be even more “exclusive”! Another major change that the new MacBook Pro will see is an OLED strip that will replace the…wait for it…function key row.

Let’s talk about the Air now, shall we? Online reports suggest that we may now get a 13″ and a 15″ variant. But before you get all excited, let it be known that the super portable 11″ variant might see the door.

4. Apple TV

apple tv os

Image source: possiblemobile.com

Think about what Apple could do with its own streaming service! Apparently, Cupertino is hiring programmers to see some big project through. The tvOS might get some updates at the WWDC.

5. Siri & Siri’s home companion

The beautifully voiced Siri will now be made available to third party developers. This year’s Google I/O gave Apple something to think about. With Google announcing a Google Home Assistant which, you guessed it, will take over your home and all its duties. With Amazon’s Echo and now Google, Apple is planning to launch its own such home assistant to compete with the biggies.

6. Apple Pay

apple pay

If you thought that all Tim Cook did on his recent visit to India was to have dinners at celebrity houses, then you are wrong. Cook had a meeting with Reliance where he pitched the idea for Apple Pay to work with Reliance Retail stores. Imagine, you could simply flaunt your Apple to buy some apples at any Reliance Retail stores soon!

Keep watching this space for more on the WWDC event as and when it unfolds!