Erase Out Typing Errors with Google Handwriting Input App

Erase Out Typing Errors with Google Handwriting Input App

Erase Out Typing Errors with Google Handwriting Input App

by April 20, 2015
google handwiting input app

image courtesy: AndroidSPIN

We all agree that when the touch screen mobile phones replaced the traditional keypad with buttons, operating phones became much easier and smoother. While this innovation helps us accomplish tasks with just a simple tap, we must admit that typing messages has become quite tedious. Today, in the age of instant messaging where everyone is hooked to messaging applications like WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat a system that helps seamless and error free typing plays a crucial role.

You will surely agree to the fact that often times you misspell a word, which makes the message incomprehensible and sometimes even makes it sound funny. There are times when you intend to type the ‘Q’ in the top left of your Android keyboard but you don’t quite get it right and you end up typing the ‘W’. And that’s not the only time it happened with you. Of course, you also have the speech to text input, but that’s not helping you a lot.

With the intent to put an end to this ‘somewhat annoying’ situation, Google launched the Handwriting Input App last week. The app allows the user to handwrite text with or without a stylus. For now, the Google Handwriting Input app supports 82 languages in 20 different scripts.

google handwriting input

Apart from text input, the app also lets you use hundreds of emojis by simply drawing them. To switch modes, just press and hold the ‘Enter’ button. Above all, you don’t need an internet connection to use the app, something that makes it even more interesting.

google handwriting input app emojis

As the app uses 82 different languages, it will greatly benefit those who frequently text in languages that are too difficult to type on a standard Android sized keyboard. Take for instance a few South Asian languages that are less familiar to the outer world.

The App is compatible with all handsets that has Android 4.0.3 and higher and is sized at 11.83 MB. It requires you to download a language pack for it to work. Once done, make sure to enable the Google Handwriting Input Keyboard in the ‘settings’.

Who else is offering the same?

Google is not the only one offering users the joy of handwriting on their Android device. Earlier, Reverie Language Technologies had launched an app called ‘Swalekh’ that supports 11 major Indian languages.

Walking on the same lines is ‘SwiftKey’ who’s updated version was released in October last year. It currently supports 11 Indian languages which includes Kanada, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, and Telugu to name a few.

This is not where it all ends. Another awesome indic keyboard developed by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing planned to offer something more by supporting 17 different Indian languages. Interestingly this one also included ‘Sanskrit’.

And the list just goes on, with Google Handwriting Input App being the latest addition. With support for 82 different languages, the app definitely has a lot more to offer. But, the question is, how precise is it in terms of text-output? Try your hands at the app and you are sure to find the answer.