Easy Tips on How to Use Your Tablet as a Photography Light

Easy Tips on How to Use Your Tablet as a Photography Light

Easy Tips on How to Use Your Tablet as a Photography Light

by November 18, 2014


Your tablet is everything for you. It can be your encyclopedia, your Sunday Times, or even your thought diary. Did you know it can also be used as a studio light? Your tablet or laptop isn’t just limited to editing and sharing photos. It can be easily be used as a photography light. It’s not only cheaper but more portable.

The most preferred lighting app that you can download for iOS/iPad is Softbox Pro On the same lines for Android we have Softlight. You can open up a white screen that will act as a light source. The best thing about these lighting apps is that you can make your shots unique with custom light shapes, beautiful colors and creative backgrounds. This guide will show you how a tablet can effectively turn into photography lights:

Using a tablet to light a portrait

  1. Turn off the room lights so that the tablet’s light is the only thing illuminating your subject.
  2. Use a tripod for stability. Set the shutter speed and aperture according to your shot. A high ISO is used to create low light and long exposures
  3. Place the tablet close to the subject and change or adjust the angel until you get the effect you want.

DIYphotographyhacksuseiPadtabletlaptop(Image courtesy : cnet.com)


Tips for adding glow to the background

This technique works best with smaller objects and can do wonders to make your macro shots more interesting by adding a desired creative background.

  1. Download image to use as a backdrop, turn up the screen brightness
  2. Put your subject on top of your tablets screen.
  3. Choose a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field. With the low ambient light, you can get a glowing effect into the subject from the screen up.
yoshi-tablet(Image courtesy : cnet.com)

Softbox Pro

This is the best app for the turning a tablet into photography lights as it comes with a wide range of preset patterns, colors and shapes. There are other numerous apps available which can produce effects on your tablet screen, like Holographium for iOS for creating a 3D effect in your objects.


For the perfect shot

  • Display: Set the subject on the basis of effects, then move and position the tablet accordingly for lighting. Shadows and effects can be created by highlighting the features of the object. You can also experiment by playing with screen brightness settings. You can play with distance to create dramatic effects.
  • LED Flash: Tablets with an LED flash is also a good source for illuminating any subject. It can include anything from a small object to the side of a subject’s face. In fact, you can turn it on, to create an instant torch by independently controlling the LED flash through a flashlight app.
  • Lightbox: Line up the negatives or slides side by side, depending on the size of the tablet screen and adjust the screen brightness as per you need. If the individual pixels are visible from the screen, try to disperse the light by placing a sheet of tissue or baking paper between the screen and the negatives. If you have a flatbed scanner, and your tablet can be used as a backlight.


What makes Tablet the best light source?

  • You can add any shiny shapes to your subjects with the help of a camera lens or a wine glass.
  • You can create dramatic portraits by adding a playful sparkle in the eye.
  • It allows you to incorporate some unique and soft glowing backgrounds.


So don’t be afraid to experiment and make your shots picture worthy.

(Video courtesy : cnet.com / youtube)