Easy Tips on how to recover data from your Android smartphone

Easy Tips on how to recover data from your Android smartphone

Easy Tips on how to recover data from your Android smartphone

by November 13, 2014

Recover-Data-from-Android-One-300x247I am sure you simply love your smartphone, your best buddy for life. You use it extensively to make calls or click selfies, record interesting videos or for gaming or chatting across social networks, your smartphone does it all with equal ease and reliability.

Out of the blue, you find that your smartphone or its memory card needs to be formatted because of a virus attack or with too much data in it forcing you to format the phone with taking a back up of the data on it. Also, at times, you may have accidently deleted important data stored in your smartphone and wish to recover it as soon as you can. Well, approaching a third party provider is feasible but if you can get it done all by yourself, there is no harm in trying.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Samsung Epic or Micromax or Karbonn or Sony Xperia or even a Google Nexus, you could always try to recover the data all by yourself using this easy to follow step by step guide to do so such as this –

android-data-recovery-scAndroid One Data Recovery Programme

Locate a reliable Android One Data Recovery Programme available online and download it. This programme contains tried and tested codes which help you recover your important contacts, images, videos and even SMSes in just three simple steps

  • Begin with installing and launching the recovery software
  • Use a data cable to connect the smartphone to the computer
  • Then make sure you debug the USB interface as per the version loaded on your smart phone.


 For Android 2.3 or earlier versions, go to

  • Settings
  • Choose “Applications “
  • Then choose “Development”
  • Finally choose “USB debugging”


 For Android 3.0 or 4.1 the path to debug USB is as follows

  • Settings
  • Choose “Developer Options”
  • Then choose “USB debugging”


 For Android 4.2 and latest versions

  • Go to Settings
  • Select About Phone
  • Select Build Number (click multiple times) for the message ““You are under developer mode” to appear.
  • Next, click on Settings once again to choose Developer Options
  • Choose USB debugging


Post this stage, your smartphone is now connected to the computer. Now perform actions as per the instructions viewed on the computer screen.

  • For the Android Recovery software to access and check out the data on the device, you will have to click on the “Start” option.
  • At the same time, you need to authorize the software to check your phone by pressing the “Allow” button on your device screen.
  • After the authorization process is complete, the software scans your phone.
  • Once this scanning is through, the recovered data will be displayed on the screen enabling you to choose what all you wish to recover on your phone.
  • The software scans your Android phone which when done, it will allow you to recover the deleted data.
  • Your phone screen will flash the “Allow” button which on clicking will display the “start” button once again.

On clicking on the start button, the computer screen will display the recovered data which includes images, music files, video files, documents, text messages and more which will allow you to choose all of them or the most important of them that you wish to restore on your phone.

Data Recovery after a factory reset

In situations where you have accidently set your phone to its factory settings or on account of a malware attack, you have had no choice except to set your phone on the factory settings mode, you can opt to use an Android One Recovery software to recover the data.

At the same time, do not use your phone or add any new data to it because there are high chances that the existing data could be overwritten making its retrieval quite difficult then.

As you locate data recovery software which assures you of recovering the lost or deleted data from the external memory card or the internal storage, then you can begin the recovery process on a safe note.

  • First install the software programme and connect your smartphone with the PC
  • From your smartphone, you will have to first debug the USB feature as per the version loaded in the phone ( as mentioned in the earlier procedure)
  • Once through with debugging, you can connect the device and click on the ‘start’ button to begin the recovery process.
  • The phone screen will flash an “Allow” button requesting you to authorize the recovery process.
  • The computer will then begin scanning the device and within a few minutes the data recovered will be displayed on the computer screen enabling you to select the data you actually wish to have on the your handset.

tenorshare-fea01Recovering DCIM folder from a non-rooted Android phones

In event of deletion of the crucial DCIM folder from non rooted Android phones due to virus attack or formatting of memory card or even installing of a non compatible App which could cause its deletion, recovering data is feasible through the Android One Recovery software.

But as a measure of caution, do not use the smartphone till you first recover all the data else your existing data could be overwritten and hence lost forever.

  • Once you locate reliable Android One software, download and install it on your personal computer.
  • You then need to connect your phone with the personal computer using a data cable
  • Refer to the earlier mentioned instructions for debugging the USB feature from your smartphone and enable its connectivity to the computer.
  • Once through with debugging, you can start the recovery process by clicking on the “start” button.
  • As you click on the “start” button, you will also have to click on the “Allow” button flashed on the phone screen, authorizing the recovery software to access your phone.
  • Once the scan process is through, you can view the recovered data on your computer screen and proceed to recover all the required data on your phone.
  • Make sure you preview the DCIM folder to chose and select which recovered data you wish to restore.


With Android One recovery software handy , you could safely recover the lost data from an extensive range of phones such as Google Nexus, Asus Padfone, HTC Hero, HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 and 3, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus series, Motorola phones and many others.