Easy steps to disable WhatsApp read receipts

Easy steps to disable WhatsApp read receipts

Easy steps to disable WhatsApp read receipts

by December 3, 2014

Agreed, you are a WhatsApp user along with most of your friends, colleagues and even family members and use it for staying connected with them throughout the day. But with their recent update of displaying two blue ticks to highlight the read receipt action of the receiver of their message has not gone well with many users.

Earlier, when you clicked on enter button to send a message through WhatsApp, it would carry a single tick while a successful delivery of the message was displayed with a double tick in grey but with the recent update, WhatsApp displays two blue ticks against the message to show that it has been read by the recipient.

If you by any chance not too happy with read receipt feature of WhatsApp then you can disable it in a few easy steps…. Here’s how –

  • Go ahead and download the latest version of WhatsApp 2.11.44 from the WhatsApp website
    • ( they have yet to offer it on Google Play Store)
  • Go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  • Open your WhatsApp, go to Settings –> Account –> Privacy
  • Scroll down to the Messaging Section to locate the disable read receipts option and select it

how-to-remove-blue-tick-on-whatsappBe careful as you go about doing this as by doing this, read receipts from your other friends will also be disabled which means you will not know whether they have read your messages or not. Also, this feature does not work on group chats. Guess you have to go along with them in the group chats.

There has been yet another update on the offing through Lollipop Google which allows developers to prioritize their notifications when an activity is detected on their app. These heads-up notifications can be high, max or full screen and can be set as per their preference. These notifications will be displayed for a brief while and then fade off. But as of now, the Android 5.0 will display a heads-up notification for new WhatsApp messages too.

So, if you are keen on getting the blue ticks disabled on your WhatsApp messenger, do download the latest WhatsApp version 2.11.44 and get those disabled quite easily.