Easy Solutions for Common User Problems & Complaints in iOS 8

Easy Solutions for Common User Problems & Complaints in iOS 8

Easy Solutions for Common User Problems & Complaints in iOS 8

by November 23, 2014


apple ios8Upset having upgraded your Apple iPad or phone with the latest iOS 8.1? Yes, running out of patience and having tough time handling it… let’s check out whether your bug list matches with our iOS 8 bug list!!

Battery draining out too fast!!

Topping our list is the battery issue. In general, Apple users have complained of their devices heating up quite soon when they undertake the routine tasks. In fact, they feel warm when touched even the Apple iPhone 6 which is supposed to be equipped with a powerful battery, gets warmed up pretty fast.

To fix it, you may leave the phone aside while it undertakes its routine processes and checks. On the other hand, you could check out which task consumes maximum battery power.

For this:
log on to the Settings
• Select Usage
• Select Battery Usage and figure it out.

Alternatively, you could even run a background check to if any switched off settings got switched on during the software update.

The best way to resolve this matter is to reset all the settings once again afresh. For resetting them, just follow these steps

Settings→ General → Reset→ Reset All Settings

This action sequence will restore your device to the device settings. Alternatively, you could do restore through your personal computer through iTunes.

Remember to take a backup of your required data and information before you do a reset.

Wi-Fi Mess

Guess you are having the worst Wi-Fi experience of your life! With a slow moving browser experience or frequent drop outs especially on Apple products could be an indicator of the issue related to the upgraded iOS. But before you reset, do observe whether your other devices are working just fine. And if they are, then a simple reset network setting should suffice. Here’s how you could do it-

Settings → General → Reset Network Settings

Also, give your device some time to reconnect and reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings once again. But before you do, observe whether you face issues while using your device within your home network or outside.

If you are facing a lot of browser related issues while at home then you could even reset your router setting simultaneously provided you exactly know how to go about it else it’s going to be a long procedure you get you online again.

Brower Issues

Facing issues with an extremely slow page loading experience over the past few days? Well, to ascertain this issue, you need to begin with clearing the history and the cached memory. In case of most Apple devices, Safari is the default browser which you can begin with removing its temporary data and cookies – a simple Clear History command should suffice … Here’s how to do it

Settings Safari → Clear History and Website Data

Or the other way to avoid browser issues is opt for another browser till Apple comes up with a viable solution to this issue.

If you are still operating on iOS 7, its time you move on to iOS 8 for Apple has done its best to resolve the bugs through two updates viz. 8.0.1 and 8.0.2.

Also, to be on the safe side, do take a back up of all your data before you upgrade. Similarly, freeing some additional space on your device does prove helpful. For freeing space, you can spend a few moments in deleting absolutely unwanted images, videos, documents and even apps and the proceed to move some of the required ones on to your iCloud account however do play it safe and transfer the most important ones on your personal computer at more than one place. Though both these actions are time consuming, once done your data is retrievable and your device is clean to perform better and faster.

If at all by chance, you haven’t taken a back up of your data then you need to enlist the services of PhoneRescue, an iOS data recovery tool which can retrieve almost every data – media, personal and app that you could be looking out for.

This will ensure you clear out lot of much required space and that your device operates at optimum levels too.