Early iPhone X Adopters Reporting Display Issues

by November 13, 2017

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are conventional upgrades over the iPhone 7 line-up. But, if you are looking for design innovations, the iPhone X is the way to go. It is Apple’s first handset to feature an OLED screen, which has been gracing most flagship Android phones for years. And it seems, Apple is yet to master this display tech, as multiple reports of the iPhone X screen issues are surfacing on the Internet.

First, a few Redditors complained about the iPhone X screen becoming temporarily unresponsive in cold weather. And now, a couple of users have reported a green-line anomaly.


It is said that the handsets were working fine out-of-the-box. The problem develops over a period. At this point, it is quite difficult to find out if it has been caused by faulty assembly or software calibration.

Thankfully, Apple is replacing such units under warranty. So, if your handset has a strange green line on it, contact the retailer and demand for a replacement.