DJI Osmo 4K Handheld Camera For Photography Enthusiast In You!

by December 2, 2015
dji osmo camera


We all have used a DSLR camera at least once to click a picture, just to get the feel of the camera, but there are others for whom clicking stunning pictures comes as naturally as learning to speak or to eat. If you are one of those talents and have a penchant for photography, you would surely love using the OSMO camera.

osmo specs


DJI, the company known as the Drone specialists in the Indian Market, has come-up with yet another innovative and revolutionary 3-axis handheld camera that has the 4K capacity. The camera, which is named as OSMO will be available across 10 cities in India and it comes with a premium price tag of Rs. 69,990. You can bring this amazing camera from SSTPL, the official distributors of DJI products in India. If you are intrigued to know more about this revolutionary device, we at CompareRaja bring everything you need to know about this amazing camera!

One of the major problems that people face while clicking pictures, especially motion pictures is blurring of the picture due to shaky hands. This is where the 3-axis stabilization feature of the camera comes as a great boon. As the name itself suggests, it allows you to hold the camera firmly and record supreme quality videos without any blurs or shakes.

osmo features


The device comes with a handle, a detachable camera, a gimbal and a mount where you can place your smartphone. To control the functions of the camera, you need to download the DJI Go app from the app stores that connects to the DJI Osmo through Wi-Fi.

dji osmo specs


Coming to the specifications of the OSMO, it sports a Sony’s 12 MP camera with 1 /2.3 inch sensor and view field of 94 degrees. The camera has the capacity to capture photos and record 4K videos at 30 fps (frames per second). You can even get a 360 degree panorama shots and record time lapse videos as well. With the DJI Osmo camera at your disposal you can get rid of the good old, heavy device, tripod and yet be assured to click supreme quality long exposure shots up to 2 seconds.

osmo camera specs


Unlike the heavy DSLR camera, the DJI OSMO has a handy design as well as it is quite light weight; it weighs only about 221 grams. You can easily carry the camera anywhere you want without adding any additional burden to your baggage, especially when you are going to shoot outdoors. The camera is powered by 980 mAh LiPo battery that offers about 60 minutes of battery life on full charge. This may seem to be a drawback but given its other benefits you can tend to overlook it.

While the camera device doesn’t come with any internal storage capacity, it has a slot for microSD card that holds card up to 64 GB. The camera also has a stereo microphone and a 3.5 mm jack to plug-in a professional microphone. This comes in handy for shooting videos, especially if you are interviewing somebody.

Well, your OSMO also comes with various accessories – Bike Mount, Straight Extension Arm, Universal Mount, Vehicle Mount and Tripod to give you those brilliant pictures you always yearned to have!

osmo accessories


Another significant feature of this amazing camera is it’s easy to hold handle with a rubberized finish that offers a firm grip. Also, the buttons are placed strategically that can be easily reached with your thumb. At the back of the handle there are many buttons – power button, LED indicators and a joystick. You can easily maneuver the camera as per your needs by simply placing your thumb on the joystick.

osmo remote control


On the front side of the handle there is another button, which is much like a trigger that has 3 functions, as you hold down the trigger it locks the camera orientation, you can get the gimbal to the center with a double tap and a triple tap swings back the camera to click selfies.

The experts who have tried using the camera for a brief period at the launch event in Mumbai suggest that the camera is pretty easy to use and the functions are pretty smooth. So, if you are a photography enthusiast or an adventure junkie having this camera in your back-up would be a great addition to your armoury that would change the way you click and record pictures and videos.