Do it yourself: Turn Your Old Phone Into A Security Camera

Do it yourself: Turn Your Old Phone Into A Security Camera

Do it yourself: Turn Your Old Phone Into A Security Camera

by March 9, 2017

Do it yourself Turn Your Old Phone Into A Security Camera

The emergence of 4G LTE and VoLTE services are making the 3G devices look old. Moreover, the aggressive pricing of Chinese 4G handsets has significantly affected the resale value of last generation handsets. So, rather than selling it for peanuts, you are better off putting your old handset to a good use. In this simple tutorial, we will help you set up your old phone into a CCTV security camera.

CCTV or (closed circuit television) is a convenient way to keep an eye on your house. It comes in handy for watching over kids and elderly people at home. Finding a good CCTV app for your smartphone is quite a task, but don’t worry as we have that part covered. And also, since CCTV camera prices are more in the market, we can use this option effectively.

Now, before hopping on to the tutorial, make sure your phone’s camera is functional. You are also going to require a reliable Wi-Fi connection and charger to constantly juice-up the handset. During the initial setup, you should consider the location of the power outlet.

Step 1:

Your old smartphone is going to work as a feed broadcaster. So, go ahead and Install AtHome Video Streamer on your old handset. Here are the links for Android and iOS.

For Android

For iOS


Step 2:

Once the software is installed, place the smartphone somewhere it covers most part of the room. Place it higher for a better view. Turn on the streaming and you are good to go.

Step 3:

Time to set up the device to watch the feed from broadcaster. Any phone, tablet, or even a PC can be used as a receiver device. Simply download AtHome Camera app on your phone, tablet, or Windows PC. The download links are as follows:




Step 4:

Back on the broadcaster device (your old phone), fire-up the streamer app. The software will automatically generate a unique Connection ID (CID), username, and password. Note down this information.


Step 5:

Launch AtHome Camera app on your receiver device and enter the account details you noted down in the Step 4. From the add camera menu, you can add up to four video streams to one monitor device.


You should now be able to view the live feed from your old phone. This is what it will look like:


Considering that sometimes smartphones restart without any reason, it is advisable to set the AtHome app to run on start-up so that the broadcaster device is back online automatically.

The App provides you with the liberty to record the stream or take a snapshot as per your wish. The video is stored in SD quality MP4 format. The app even allows two-way communication between the broadcaster and receiver devices. Since you can’t gaze the screen all the time, there’s an option to trigger a push notification based on motion detection. You can also specify two time intervals to schedule video recording.

As mentioned earlier in the article, avoid using cellular data for this setup. Almost every feature except for the unlimited cloud storage is available for free.

If you are having trouble following any step, feel free to give us a shout-out in the comments section. We hope that you will find this project useful. Keep in mind that such setup is no match for professional CCTV equipment. The idea behind this article is to provide a cheaper alternative to market solutions. If you don’t have any budget constraint, we recommend you to go for proper CCTV setup.