Nokia-Disney team will transport us to the imaginary worlds with ‘Ozo’ Camera?

Nokia-Disney team will transport us to the imaginary worlds with ‘Ozo’ Camera?

Nokia-Disney team will transport us to the imaginary worlds with ‘Ozo’ Camera?

by April 28, 2016

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For quite a while now, Nokia has been shying away from the spotlight. With an intention to make a strong comeback, last year the Finnish gadget giant announced the ‘Ozo’, a futuristic camera, for filming virtual reality scenes. In case you missed it, check out the video below.

While nothing much was being discussed about the new gizmo, it was only a couple of days ago that Disney made a huge announcement regarding collaboration with Nokia to use the Ozo camera for its virtual reality (VR) movies. Now, this is truly worth talking about.

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But, how will the Ozo benefit the movie-makers? The camera is capable of producing VR footages in real time. Earlier, creating VR footages was a hectic task, involving a good number of edits, cuts and customization. The process could take hours and in some cases, even months. Ozo, on the other hand, can instantly produce VR videos. No doubt, Disney is indeed making the right move then.

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Disney has already used the ‘Ozo’ a couple of times in the past to promote its latest hit ‘The Jungle Book’. By the way, how was the movie? Amazing, wasn’t it? OMG! They made it look so real. One of the interviews with the director and the film cast was recorded using the ‘Ozo’. Below is the video.

Interview video:

So, what does Disney have to say about the collaboration? According to Jamie Voris, the chief technology officer of ‘The Walt Disney Studios’, the company intends to bring extraordinary experiences to its audiences across the globe, and VR content seems to be one of the ways people can be transported into the imaginary worlds created by the filmmakers.

Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies stated that this is just the beginning. The deal will also be covering other Disney studios like Lucasfilm and Marvel. For sure, the Ozo will be a part of some of the most fascinating upcoming Disney movies.

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Although it is clear that Disney will be betting on Ozo for its upcoming content, it hasn’t revealed anything yet about its future plans. However, according to Haidamus, Disney is presently working on a behind-the-scenes footage for its upcoming production.

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Lately, 360-degree videos have been widely talked about on YouTube and Facebook. Its ability to let the users control the view of the scene is something that makes it more exciting. Bringing it to the silver screen will definitely make things interesting.

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It is worth noting that Nokia is not the only player trying to steal the VR show. Therefore, the Finnish gadget giant is sure to face some serious competition in the days to come. But, with Disney joining the party, Nokia truly gets the most needed boost.

With the Ozo, Nokia intends to make it big and leave a lasting mark on the minds of the people. The company once ruled the smartphone world, and it won’t be a surprise to see it spring back in its full glory with its latest offering. No doubt, this may take a while, but you are sure to see something cool coming your way in the days to come.

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