Crompton’s Solarium Neo High-Performance water heater

Crompton’s Solarium Neo High-Performance water heater

Crompton’s Solarium Neo High-Performance water heater

by September 27, 2019

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited (CGCEL), is one of oldest and trusted name in water heater/Geyser segment. It has the largest number of 5-star energy rating models.

Crompton is one of the popular brands in the water heating segment with wide range of products in Instant, Storage and Horizontal segments. Products is passed through stringent quality standard to perform in extreme conditions.

Hard Water and Hot Water makes a tricky pair. More than half of the country has hard water. Hard water consists of various minerals like calcium, magnesium which leave significant mineral build up over a period. Let’s take a quick look at how the hard water harms appliances.

  • Shortens the life of the appliance

  • Hampers the efficiency of the appliance

  • Clogs the pipes

  • High Electricity bills

  • Eventually leading to leakage of tank and higher service cost.

Solarium Neo

Crompton has launched the new range of High Performance Water Heater with Triple Shield Protection that works effectively in hard water

Triple Shield is built on three pillars: –

1) Glass line Coating: – It protects the tank from corrosion with the help of advanced coating developed by baking the tank to 875 deg C allowing the tank to function in tough conditions of Hard Water.

2) Magnesium Anode: – Acts as a Safeguard and protects the tank from corrosion.

3) Incoloy Heating Element: – It has 33% Extra Life as it has excellent oxidation resistance even in high temperature and thus has anti – scaling property

All these combines to give a Triple shield protection from Hard Water.

In addition to this it has 10 Bar Pressure which is suitable for working in Hi Res buildings and is Xtra Safe as it has capillary based thermostat and thermal cut out for precision temperature sensing.

Apart from this it has

  1. Smart Energy Management

  2. Powerful Heating Element

  3. Energy saving Insitu PUF

  4. Rust proof Body

  5. Available in multiple capacities 6L – 4 Star and 10L, 15L, 25L are 5 Star

For over 4 decades Crompton has been setting a very high standard for product quality, performance, and reliability and is the bestselling geyser in the product.

Crompton’s products are a perfect marriage of form and function.

Solarium Neo is the perfect solution to your water heating needs irrespective of the conditions and as always, this product can deliver on all the aspects of customer needs and thus providing its consumers a Hassle- Free Usage.