Credit Cards as per your spend habits

Credit Cards as per your spend habits

Credit Cards as per your spend habits

by June 30, 2017
Credit Cards as per your spend habits

A credit card is an awesome thing to have in your pocket. It can help you to swipe and purchase almost anything without actual cash. If you pay the credit card bills on time (and of course the entire amount), then you would be leveraging credit cards to the fullest. By being disciplined, you would not need to pay unnecessary interest on use of the credit card. What’s more, you will get a lot of reward points and cashbacks which will help you save more on your purchases.

One of the smartest things to do is to align your spending habits with your choice of credit card. For example: If you are a movie freak, it would be wise to choose a card which could offer you free movie tickets.

We have lined up a list of the most useful credit cards in India based on your spending habits. This could be a useful guide for you to select your first credit card (if you do not have it yet). If you already have one, the article would be useful for you to identify the credit card that best suits the way you spend.

1. Your major spend is on groceries: You stand in that grocery store called Big Bazaar, Hypercity, D-Mart etc. You swipe your credit card and purchase groceries for a fortnight or a month. The bill would add up to a significant amount. Don’t you think you deserve some reward for using a credit card from a specific bank for this transaction over the cards from other banks? The Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card is probably the only card that can give you a 5% cash back on grocery spends to the maximum of Rs. 500 every month. Get your Manhattan Credit Card here:

2. You love online shopping and rewards: While the Manhattan Card is good for online shoppers too, SBI Simply Click Credit Card is a fantastic option as it gives users a host of options across online shopping sites such as Amazon and Flipkart, and travel portals such as MakeMyTrip. Its annual fee of Rs. 499 can be waived off if you spend Rs. 1 Lakh in the first year and every year henceforth. You also get a welcome voucher of Rs. 500 from Amazon and 10x reward points on spends across major online payers such as Ola, BookMyShow, LensKart, FabFurnish etc. You also get a Cleartrip e-voucher on reaching the annual spend of Rs. 1 Lakh. Click for your SBI Simply Click card here:

3. You love a cashback on everything you spend: The Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card is your type of card. It can give you a 5% cashback on just about everything from movie tickets to telephone bills to utility bills. What’s more, you also get a 0.5% cashback on all other spends made using the card. Get your cashback card, the Citi Bank Cashback credit card here:

4. Are you a frequent traveller? Wish you had lounge access at airports: If your annual spend on travel is more than 2 Lakh rupees, you should opt for a Citibank Premier Miles Card. The card provides users with extra miles for tickets booked using the card and on the online shopping done using the card. While the annual charges are Rs. 3000, the card gives 1000 miles on activation and 10 Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on air ticket booking, and at affiliated online merchants. You can earn 4 miles on all other spends and the miles can be redeemed with over 100 airlines. It also gives you access to the most premium airport lounges in India and all over the world. Check out the Citi Bank Premier Miles Card in this link:

The American Express (Amex) Platinum Travel card also offers access to all premium airport lounges in India and across the world and offers vouchers from Taj and Indigo airlines. The charges for the first year are Rs. 3500 and Rs. 5000 from the second year. Check the Amex Platinum Travel Card here:

5. Fuel and Utility bills is the major contributor to your credit card bills: The SBI Elite card, SBI Regalia, and Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium card (SVT) would be useful bets here. The Standard Chartered SVT card offers a 5% cashback on fuel, phone bills and utility bills. The card is free for the first year and the charges from the second year onwards are just Rs. 750 which can also be waived off if you spend more than Rs. 60000 in the first year. Check out the SVT Card here:

6. You are a movie freak, a foodie or both: “Friday to Sunday mandates a visit to the theatre for some people. Are you one such? If yes, then go for the ICICI Instant Platinum Card. You can easily get this card if you have a savings account with ICICI Bank. Using this card, you can get Rs. 100 off on movie tickets twice a month. It also offers a 15% discount in over 800 outlets at 10 cities across India. And, with a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel bills of maximum Rs. 4000 transacted at HPCL petrol pumps, this card is an ideal card for young people who are yet to get their regular monthly pay cheques. Apply for the card here:

There are of course, a lot more cards out there that facilitate offers across each of the above requirements. You can do a careful analysis, check the permutations and combinations and arrive at the most useful credit card as per your spending habits. You can also compare Credit Cards from Top Banks here. The Analysis is definitely an important step that you must take. We have just done most of that work for you here!