Coolpad Note 3 Plus launch – Your wait will end soon

Coolpad Note 3 Plus launch – Your wait will end soon

Coolpad Note 3 Plus launch – Your wait will end soon

by May 5, 2016
coolpad note 3 plus

Coolpad recently announced that it will be launching the Note 3 Plus in India on 6th May. The handset will be the successor to the previously launched Note 3. While not much is known about the specifications, it is likely that the Note 3 Plus will be featuring a 5.5 inch HD display and a 13 MP rear camera, as found in its predecessor. However, this one packs in a slightly more powerful 4 GB RAM, while the Note 3 comes with a 3 GB RAM.

In terms of specifications, that’s all we know right now. But, you can surely expect things to be a step ahead of the Note 3 that was launched back in October last year.

While the Note 3 Plus is all set to hit the Indian market, Coolpad decided to slash the Note 3 prices. The handset is now priced at Rs. 8,499 and is exclusively available on Amazon India. In terms of specifications, the device stands tall alongside some of the high-end smartphones in the market.

We can expect note 3 plus to come with better features in comparison to its predecessors. Let’s have a quick look at the Note 3 features:

coolpad note 3 plus comparison

In terms of specifications, the old Note 3 seems to be quite close to the upcoming Note 3 Plus, except a few features, including the RAM. Apart from a huge 5.5 inch display, other notable specs include a powerful processor and a 13MP camera. It is indeed hard to find a handset that packs in all of these features and costs less than 10K. One of its highlight also includes its fingerprint sensor that supports 3600 finger rotation and quick recognition 0.5 seconds.

It is also quite possible that Note 3 plus might pick up some features from CoolPad Note 3 Lite, (quite similar to note 3, but cheaper though), in addition to some more surprises, which are unknown yet. (Well, rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt.) Note 3 lite is available on Amazon at the best price of Rs. 6999, which is, in fact, an impressive deal taking into consideration the features. All of that for just a few thousand bucks definitely makes it one of the best deals around. However, the overall storage capacity may seem less, in case you happen to dump in a lot of your data. But, to be honest, a budget handset with features like these is truly commendable.

But, if you are looking for something that offers you a bit more than that, it makes sense waiting for a day until the new Coolpad Note 3 Plus arrives. Nothing is yet known about its price. But, like its predecessors, this one too is most likely to be focused on the sub-Rs. 10000 segment.