CODO – A pocket-sized washing machine

CODO – A pocket-sized washing machine

CODO – A pocket-sized washing machine

by August 6, 2015
haier codo smallest washing machine

It is a technological irony that as the modern technology is getting better and bigger the new inventions are getting smaller. The technology companies are trying to pack everything into a smaller and portable devices. One such revolutionary product is the ‘CODO,’ a pocket washing machine. Yes, as insane as it sounds, this amazing new device is a portable washing machine designed by the Number 1 Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Company in the World, Haier. The ground breaking new invention, which is only as big as an electronic shaver looking like a deodorant bottle and it can be easily carried in your pocket or your bag. Wondering how it functions and is uses, read on further to know more…

Into the Record Books

codo pocket washing machine


The Haier Codo weighs just about 200 gms and is the perfect partner for your everyday washing needs. Often times, people face the embarrassing situations of their perfectly styled suits, glittering evening gown being stained while travelling or spilling of food. This is where, the world’s smallest washing machine, CODO comes as the savior and helps the users to get rid of the stains instantly. With the innovative design and the compact size of the device, Codo is ready to etch itself in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Saves Time and Money

haier codo 30 seconds wash


Codo washing machine, built with ‘squeeze wash’ technology, removes stains within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

The best usage of Codo is in situations when the people stain only a small area of their clothes, they can save their valuable time by simply washing the partial area instead of washing the full garment. Thus, the device helps people save their money on electricity as well; they need not use the washing machine to remove the dirt. Not to mention, Codo cleanses your dress instantly.


The meticulous design of the hand held washing machine lets the users to get rid of all kinds of dirt including the stain of coffee spills or the ketch-up stains on the go; it offers a perfect solution for emergency and quick stain removing. For the Indian consumers, the device is up for grabs on and this revolutionary product comes at an astonishingly affordable price of Rs. 3,990/-.

The Boss Talk

Haier India President, Mr. Eric Braganza, at the launch of the Codo said that the launch of this innovative product in India is the evidence of the company’s commitment to their Indian customers. To complement the evolving lifestyles, they will bring forth the latest product innovations. With an aim to promote ‘Inspired Living’ and strengthening their promise, this pocket washing machine is launched.

Technical Insight

haier codo technical insight


This high-tech device uses powder/liquid detergent and 10 ml of water to whisk the stained area and remove the dirt/stain effortlessly. This pocket washer is powered by three powerful AAA batteries and it can give users up to 50 washes, depending on how the usage is. The device comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty.