Make your TV and audio device smarter with Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio

by October 1, 2015
chromecast 2 and chromecast audio

Every now and then we get to ogle at Google. This time around, Google has come with a reincarnation of its very popular Chromecast and a new endeavour named Chromecast Audio. But just a quick revision of why exactly Chromecast is such a big thing that it requires a whole article on itself…Well folks, Chromecast is a beautiful little device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV allowing you to stream stuff from your smartphone to the TV for a better and truly thrilling experience. The technology allows the user to mirror the content playing on Google Chrome or Android device to the monitor, or the web or mobile apps that support Google Cast…and all this is done through the internet.

chromecaste family with audio

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Having sold 20 million devices already, the fact that the original Chromecast was a success does not arise. However, the new Chromecast 2 promises to be better in terms of performance, features, and convenience of use. Available in black, yellow, and orange, the Chromecast 2 will be up for purchase in 17 countries for now. The round shaped design with an in-built HDMI cable, as opposed to the previous stick one of the original Chromecast, makes it easier to plug it in the monitor.

coral chromecast 2

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Furthermore, the Chromecast 2 has three Wi-Fi antennas which pick up the best signal around to give the user the quickest streaming possible. The new Chromecast has also been equipped with a better streaming resolution capacity.

chromecaste 2

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Agreed that there are many other streaming devices out in the market, but none can compete with the economically priced Chromecast which will set the user back by only $35 as compared to the Amazon Fire at $99 or the Apple TV at $139/$199.

chromecast audio speakers

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Codenamed Hendrix, the Chromecast Audio is what will make your speakers smarter. The dongle can be plugged into any speaker via a 3.5mm headphone jack. The music then can be streamed over the internet. The Chromecast Audio supports a plethora of popular streaming services such as Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, and Pandora.

chromecaste audio

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The seamless streaming of audio is ensured as there is no recompression of audio required. No additional equipment apart from the Chromecast Audio cable and the Chromecast app is necessary for the user to listen to their favourite melodies.

Once the user has sent the content to Chromecast Audio, the smartphone can be used for other purposes; the phone needn’t be opened to the source of the music leaving the user to work on other stuff while listening to the music playing in the background.

We may have to wait for a few extra weeks for these amazing devices to hit the Indian shores but when they do, we may rest assured that it will create enough waves…

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