‘Chill’ Your Way Through the Summer with these Affordable Air Coolers

‘Chill’ Your Way Through the Summer with these Affordable Air Coolers

‘Chill’ Your Way Through the Summer with these Affordable Air Coolers

by April 28, 2016
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We are in the midst of sweltering summer and the sun is showing no mercy whatsoever. The harsh heat is just a gentle reminder (or you may call it a warning) from nature to the human race for nonchalantly eliminating the tree and the greenery around or you would continue to suffer from the scorching heat. Well, we human as ignorant as we are about not reading the signs of nature’s wrath, we are quite intelligent too. Heat? ahh, we have invented air conditioners and air coolers, Voila! Goodbye, heat!

If you are a victim of the heat wave that has engulfed across most parts of India and your fan is not giving you much respite, it is time to bring home an air cooler. It is no rocket science, this marvel device is much cheaper than the air-conditioners, yet it promises to cool your home and heart and let you breeze through the summer. If you are looking for the best device at an affordable price, the following air coolers under 10000  would be your best bet:

Symphony Diet I

Price – Rs. 8,360 (Approx) for 22 litre model

symphony diet I

Image source: whatnew.in

Symphony Diet I   is one of the best air coolers available in the market right now that assures full value for your money. It comes in three capacity ranges – 12 litres, 22 litres and 50 litres. It is best advised to buy a 22 litre or a 50 litre model for a medium-sized room to ensure maximum cooling inside. The air cooler system comes with a mosquito net, dust filter that assures cool and fresh air at all times. The remote control operation makes it easy to adjust the setting as per your need without any hassles. Another significant feature of this cooler is its built-in honeycomb pads, which are specially designed to deliver a balanced cooling effect all across the room. The pads are fitted at a particular angle so that it vents out the right mix of water and air in the room.

Voltas VA-P18M

 Price – INR 9059 (Approx) for 18 Litres model

voltas va p18m

Image source: hynstore.com

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of the cooler, it is a power-house performer that is known to deliver an instant cooling effect all across your room, the moment you switch it on. With the tank capacity of 18 litres, it is best suited to be used for medium-sized rooms. The cooler also has 3 different speed control options, which enables you to customize the blower as per your needs.

The best thing about Voltas VA-P18M  is that it has an auto-fill tank, which lets you avoid the hassles of manually filling water inside the tank; you can connect the water pipeline to the cooler tank, which automatically fills up as required. Last but not the least, the cooler is extremely energy efficient, which means you can continue to run the cooler for long hours and yet be assured it would consume too many units.

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Desert

Price – INR 9,600 (Approx) for 65 Litres

maharaja whiteline rambo desert

Image source: cloudinary.com

This cooler is best suited for both homes and commercial premises, with a 65 litres capacity tank; the cooler is best suited for rooms as large as 350 sq.ft. Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Desert  also comes with a three different speed control settings, which you can use to control the airflow speed as per your needs and get the exact cooling temperature inside your home. The powerful fan speeds ensure that you get a cool and comfortable living space inside your home, even if the outside temperature is more than 35-degree Celsius.

Bajaj Icon DC2015

Price – INR 9512 (Approx) for 40 Litre model

bajaj icon dc2015

Image source: pepperfry.com

This amazing air cooling device from the Bajaj house is specially designed to throw cool air to a range of 50 feet and cool an area up to 600 sq.ft. Bajaj Icon DC2015  is a perfect choice for large spaces like offices, banks, banquet halls etc. with the astonishing capacity to deliver 3000 cubic meters of air per hour. The cooler needs about 230 volts of power and consumes about 200 watts of electricity.

The cooling system comes with three different speeds levels, which can be adjusted to your needs and the exact chill you want in your room. The 43 litres tank capacity ensures that you get a cool breeze flowing through the room for a longer period of time.

Choose any of the models you want and beat the heat while chilling your feet!!

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