Check out McAfee’s Privacy Phone Review

Check out McAfee’s Privacy Phone Review

Check out McAfee’s Privacy Phone Review

by May 14, 2017
McAfee's Phone Review

John McAfee the founder of McAfee Inc. has come up with an exceptional product to prevent security breaches. He has thought of developing a dynamic and feature-rich Smartphone, which will ensure optimum protection against hacking. McAfee’s terms the $1,100 Android phone as the ‘first ever private Smartphone in the world.’

McAfee speaks

While introducing the phone and speaking of its features, McAfee revealed some interesting snippets around the product. The smartphone will have a worldwide launch through MGT, a renowned cyberspace venture led by McAfee himself. Talking about the features, functionality, and performance of the phone, McAfee dwelled into some of its features.

  • Physical disconnection: Users will find switches on the rear cover of the device which will let them disconnect the battery, geo-location features, antennas, and microphone physically.

  • Web search anomizers: The Smartphone will come with web search anomizers for enhanced functioning. That’s not all; users can also reap the benefits of a highly functional security software. While using this phone, you won’t stand the chance of getting caught by IMSI catcher devices.

  • Investments: Investments are huge as the phone will have a high-performance hardware system capable of ensuring optimum security.

With a slew of such exceptional features, there’s no denying the performance and functionality the phone can offer. However, this particular gadget isn’t for general users, and McAfee is quite clear about that.

Checking the price

With an approximate market price of Rs. 70,000, this smartphone is surely not for the general user. Those involved in security affairs and confidential services might be a lucrative market for this device. While the 1st iteration will not make it to the list as the best hack-proof phone, McAfee claims that it is way ahead of the currently available product that includes the Blackberry phones, as far as privacy protection is concerned.

While security software makes sure your device is protected against hack threats and privacy attacks; it is the physical switches that help isolate the hardware from the network and prevent intrusion. Both these features together make the device a unique product.

The OS system

There’s no denying the fact that McAfee’s Smartphone embraces innovation and how. However, the device isn’t without a fair share of complexities and weaknesses. Just like its other counterparts in the market, this particular device runs on the Android OS. That says a lot about its vulnerability to malicious attacks. In spite of this risk, we also can’t ignore the phenomenal performance offered by the phone.

What’s the future?

With the entire world looking for secure and high-performance applications, McAfee’s smartphone will surely bring smiles to many faces who value privacy. What we need to look at is how this revolutionary device manages to satisfy users and offer complete security against malicious attacks.

In spite of positive efforts, most of the companies in the past couldn’t develop a hack-free and secured smartphone. With McAfee taking a stab at this complex challenge, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen!

Version 1 will launch later year and version 2 with enhanced security features will release in the summer of 2018