by January 11, 2016

As the days of any event are soon to end, it sees a dip in the number of attendees, but if you are one of the biggest annual tech events, then no, you only see the number of those in attendance, increase. This is precisely what happened on the third day of the Consumer Electronics Show International, held from January 6th– January 9th in Las Vegas, with tens of thousands of tech fans eagerly going around the event in lure of gadgets and electronics that will wow them. Read on to find out what Day 3 of the CES gave the world…

Audio-Technica headphones

audio technica ath sr5

Image Source: clubic.com

The Tokyo based company launched not one, but three pairs of high-tech headphones, ATH-SR5 and its Bluetooth variant- ATH-SR5BT. The third pair, the ATH-MSR7NC, come with omni- directional noise cancelling tech which promises to only enhance the sound quality of whatever you hear. These headphones will be priced below $150, depending on the variant.

Harman Kardon Omni+ speakers

harman kardon omni+ speakers

Image Source: theverge.com

The American brand unveiled its Omni+ range of speakers which boast of playing high-res audio with the support for up to 24-bit/192kHz audio files. The multiple connected speakers include- Omni 10+, Omni 20+, Omni 50+ speakers, the OmniBar+ soundbar, with the Omni 50+ being suitable for outdoor use. You can control the speakers set in multiple rooms through the accompanying app. For connectivity, the speakers support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Expected to launch across the globe by the second quarter of 2016, the pricing of the speakers range from $199 for the Omni 10+ to a more whopping $999 for the OmniBar+ set.

Razer Nabu Watch

razer nabu watch

Image Source: phandroid.com

Razer doesn’t like you calling its Nabu, a “Smartwatch”; it prefers if you call it a watch with smart features and functions. The tough looking Nabu comes in two variants: the $149.99 standard edition which will be available by late January is built with polycarbonate and features green hues, while the $199.99 Forged Edition demands a bigger price for its stainless steel buttons and black details. You can get your hands on the Forged edition online or a brick-and-mortar store. The “smart” features of the Nabu can be seen in the secondary screen which will show the emails, calls, texts, alerts, etc. The built-in accelerometer acts as your fitness buddy by counting the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. Oh, and an interesting feature exclusive to Nabu-to-Nabu users is… you can exchange Twitter and Facebook information by means of a simple handshake!

Panasonic transparent display

panasonic transparent display

Image Source: theverge.com

All of us are familiar with the concept of a projector screen…one moment the screen is there, and the next moment it isn’t. Well, the Panasonic’s CES booth saw something like this, but MUCH MUCH better! Panasonic wowed its visitors with its latest transparent display which currently supports a resolution of 1080p. Right out of a sci-fi film, the transparent screen can be put up anywhere, in front of a cupboard, against the wall, etc. The beauty of the display lies in the fact that you can view the contents behind the display when not in use, and then with a simple activation, that space is taken over by a potential TV screen! There is no word on the pricing yet, but you may bet on the fact that this will be one expensive piece of marvel.

Moon Neo ACE

moon neo ace

Image Source: prnewswire.com

Let’s just say that Moon’s latest Neo DOES give you A Complete Experience (ACE). An integrated amplifier with hi-res streamer, this sound beast costs about $3500. The user can stream files using Ethernet or even wirelessly. You can even use the Moon’s MiND- Moon Intelligent Network Device- app

All in all, the third day of the CES 2016 seemed like a day to remember for all tech aficionadas, didn’t it?