Samsung SMX-C20 – Why You Should Have One?

No doubt, the high definition camcorders seem to be the treat of the day. However, those with a tight budget might prefer looking the other way. In such a case, you would want to opt for a standard definition camera

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Sony HDR-PJ200E – A Bit More Than Just a Camcorder

“Camcorders are dead and gone”. That’s something you hear quite often in an age of high-end cameras. Moreover, even your smartphone shoots impressive HD videos. So, why would you want a camcorder? Sony answers the question with its brand new

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Sony Camcorder – Which One Should You Go For?

You probably may own the best smart phone on the planet. But, does it have a good video recording capability? May be not!! This is when you need a self-contained device with video capture and recording as its major function,

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