Cat Lovers vs. Dog Lovers

Cat Lovers vs. Dog Lovers

Cat Lovers vs. Dog Lovers

by July 25, 2017
cat lovers vs dog lovers

The enjoyment cat lovers find in sneering at the dog parents is no secret. On the reverse side, dog lovers never spare a chance of rolling their eyes at the expense of cat moms and dads. The truth of the matter is that being a cat lover or a dog lover is not something we can choose. As the saying goes we don’t choose who we love, love chooses us. The love for our canine and feline friends emerges from a feeling of deep affinity. Our affinity towards either cats or dogs is a direct reflection of our nature. Needless to say that cat lovers and dog lovers both have identifiable characteristics exclusive to their clan. Let’s try to settle this who-is-better contest once and for all by enumerating the differences that exist between each group of parents.

Orthodox Worshippers Battle Animal Whisperers

I know many dog lovers who merrily cuddle and coo at cats, especially the kittens. However, no cat lover that I have met has shown a tender spot for dogs or even puppies. My English teacher, who had more than twenty cats in her flat, often expressed her distaste for dogs. The dog lovers possess a more encompassing compassion for all species of animals than their cat loving counterparts. There is a popular Instagram account named Wolfgang2242 run by Steve Greig, who has not only adopted dogs of different breeds but also a rabbit, a pig and even a cock! They all make a happy and close-knit family anyone is bound to admire. In many homes I have seen dogs and cats peacefully dwelling together, where the dog was brought first and the cats later. Cat lovers are definitely more possessive about protecting the space their felines trade on, allowing no trace passers.

Sarcastic Satirists Duel Good-Natured Humorists

I must admit that cat lovers are witty fellows but their wit is often dressed in sarcastic fur. They find everything they dislike worthy of mockery and pen great satirical pieces. Their sharp edged sarcasm can strike you where it is expected the least. My not-so-close friend Devina is a cat mother and I relish reading everything she writes from comments to status messages just for the shrapnel comebacks she is a queen of. However, I steer clear of her way so someday I don’t have to read something on myself. Dog lovers are in no way less witty but their wit braces good-natured humor, guffaws and laughter more than sadistic chuckles. There are times when sarcasm comes to the tip of the tongue but I hold them back, afraid to hurt others feelings. For dog lovers it is no party if all are not laughing at their jokes and witticisms.

Castration Champions Combat Savvy Breeders

Pet cats are more sexually emancipated than the pet dogs. Dogs have their particular mating seasons but cats are quite unpredictable in this matter. One of my friends, Ronnie, had adopted a stray cat and in no time, to his mother’s utter dismay, their entire three-storey house was filled with its sons and daughters. Probably Pandora had endured less chaos than Ronnie’s mom. There came a time when the mother cat and her daughters became pregnant at the same time. Obviously there was no choice but neutering them by taking them on a trip to the vets. Most of my cat lover acquaintances support castration or neutering after one round of kittens is delivered. Dogs depend on their parents for breeding that’s why most parents see no reason to get them neutered. One or hardly two mating sessions tire the canine ladies out and the canine lords never trouble parents with many liabilities. Thus a trip to the dog breeder is thought to be better than operation table.

Silence Keepers Struggle with Ice Breakers

Cat lovers are not known for affable countenance though I have been told they are really sensitive and sweet to people they love. When it comes to taking initiative for starting a conversation with strangers, cat lovers prefer silence. They may be in your social networking profiles but they will never like your posts or ping you to converse. Dog lovers, on the other hand, are great at breaking the ice. They will start conversation at parties and listen to others with interest. They also send friend requests in Facebook without too much reserve. Their friendly disposition makes them inclined to think that others will be as friendly as they are.

Selective Donors Tussle with Whole-Hearted Givers

Yes, both cat lovers and dog lovers can be generous but the generosity of cat lovers is extended only to people close to them. Moreover, cat lovers tend to show the same possessiveness about their favorite things or persons that their feline prodigies are prone to. No matter whether it is time or space or a belonging, cat lovers will be very selective in sharing it. Dog lovers are people who are ready to help anyone in need and for a rightful cause they would even extend a helping hand towards absolute strangers. Just a little bit of scratching behind the ears and petting will get you blissful face-licks from a dog. Like the pets their parents too lack cynicism, offering their time and abilities generously in the aid of others.

Snobbish Nay-Sayers Clash with Empathetic Supporters

Have you ever met a cat who made you feel special? The answer in all probabilities is a resounding ‘No’. Now, have you met a dog who made you feel like you are some royalty? The answer is very likely to be in affirmative. Cat lovers, similar to their beloved animals, show little interest in the business of others. They are full of themselves and forget to ask another person how their day was. Several times when I have been brooding alone or moping or simply sad, my dog sister came to sit by me, licked my tears away and looked at my face with questioning eyes. Dog lovers, as you may guess, are more empathetic towards others. Dog people are not just great talkers but also terrific listeners, who can sense the sadness in others quite easily.

Quirky Creators Compete with Methodical Thinkers

The cat lover clan is definitely more quirky in their thoughts and creations than dog lovers. Cats are highly unpredictable and some of them border on being eccentrics, making it impossible for their owners to guess what their next bout of naughtiness will be. Cat lovers too are out of the box thinkers who come up with ideas or introduce angles which others don’t think of. Dogs are more predictable and methodic. They are naughty too but their moves can be guessed and avoided with some alertness. Dog lovers are more of methodical thinkers as they base innovations on facts and realities. Like the canine friends they too have great memories and they will always make extra efforts to conduct intensive research, laying down chink-proof plans.

Rule Breakers Challenge Rule Makers

Dog lovers are more traditional and routine bound than the cat lovers. Life has to be comfortable and not too full of surprises for them. They prefer peace and have a tendency to conform rather than rebel or at least find a middle ground. Cat lovers are more of rule breakers than rule followers. They live to please no one and in a more unconventional manner than others. Some cat lovers also prefer adventures and endure misadventures with not a single hair out of place. An elder cousin of mine who is also a well-known cat lady left her job, spent all her savings only to go on a long vacation with the impending risk of being broke. Afterwards, she settled in Mumbai to live in a rented flat with some eighteen cats.

Meticulous Monarchs Showdown with Happy-Go-Lucky Comrades

Remember Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory? Remember how he would sit at no other place but the perfectly dented spot on the couch reserved for him by him? Sheldon Cooper, a seasoned cat lover, is supremely meticulous about how things should be in his vicinity. Even when he is sick and Penny tries to comfort him, he gives exact orders regarding how he wants to be taken care of with stomach rubs and the Soft-Kitty song. Cat lovers are more or less like Sheldon, meticulous about everything, demanding others to bow to their desires. Favors are hardly considered favors as they believe they deserve everything being done for them. Dog lovers in comparison are more laid back people. It doesn’t matter if the beer is not as chilled as they like or if clothes are left unfolded for days. They adjust to circumstances and take things as they come. Let’s also point out that dog lovers do not try to control everything happening around them. They can keep calm in the crappiest of circumstances.

Indoor Activists Rival with Outdoor Spirits

Cats like lazing around the home, pursuing their peculiar hobbies such as destroying the paper rolls or sleeping on a top shelf. Since the pets stay indoors or prefer sneaking out instead of a stroll in the park, cat lovers need not go out on their account. Dogs need regular exercises and strolls for staying happy and healthy. Their parents have to take them out for walks and runs without failing. The canine wonders also insist on joining parents on drives and visits to grocery stores. Unavoidably, dog lovers have to be more outdoorsy for the sake of their adorable ones. Dogs are also great as topics, enabling their humans to make new acquaintances wherever they go. Abroad there are many dog parks where dog lovers can meet and greet each other, becoming friends for life. This accounts for the fact that dog lovers usually have more friends than the cat lovers.

Forever Singles Squabble with Happy-to-Mingles

It is hard to please a cat lover and bear their quirks. Cat lovers often find themselves surrounded by none but their furry beauties and they like it that way. They need partners who are not equally enthusiastic about petting cats. On top of that cat lovers believe in partners who can match their wavelength and lifestyle. No wonder more number of cat lovers remain single throughout their lives and not unhappily so. Dog owners are more outgoing, big talkers and friendly people. They prefer partnerships and go on dates regularly if single. Dogs make ideal pets for families and perfect playmates for toddlers, furthering the scope of building happy nests for the parents.

Opinionated Crusaders Strife against Unflinching Questioners

Many internet resources proclaim cat lovers to be more open-minded. Well, I am not saying they are not open-minded but when cat lovers form opinion they stick to it with a firmer grip. My personal experience tells that cat lovers are great debaters who will not give up on their opinions easily. Dog lovers too have personal beliefs and opinions but we are interested in hearing the other side of argument without too much judgment. Cat lovers also form judgments about people quicker than dog lovers.

Dictates of Reason

The war between cat lovers and dog lovers is never going to cease. Neither of the groups gets to win because each has some shortcomings and some strength. Nevertheless, the world will be a better place with more cat lovers and dog lovers instead of real warmongers and violence dealers.