Casio Launches A Ridiculously Expensive Seflie Camera

by October 13, 2017

Japanese brand Casio has showcased a camera dedicated at sefies. Called the TR-M11, this camera is marketed as a personal studio by the company. The camera is equipped with nine LEDs in total: eight around the lens and one below the LCD. These lights along with image processing algorithm deliver well-lit selfies in any light conditions. You get a 12 MP camera. The device can save up to 225 shots. It comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The TR-M11 comes in a round shape, which looks just like a compact make-up kit. It features a clamshell design that opens to reveals the camera and screen. Despite the circular shape, the screen is square. The pictures are also shot in square shape as it is supposed to be the ideal aspect ratio for social media websites.

The interface is based on swipe gesture and colourful icons. The settings menu uses a virtual rotary dial. The TR-M11 offers an elaborate Make-up Mode. It can automatically detect acne and pimples and make them less visible in pictures. You can even adjust the skin tone and remove dark circles.

The selfie camera also comes with some filters such as Foggy, Fairy, Pink, and Nostalgic. The images can be transferred directly to your smartphone via the Exilim Connect app. Priced at $900, the TR-M11 is available for purchase in China and Japan.