Cardboard or Paper Batteries are the Latest Trend in Mobile Segments

Cardboard or Paper Batteries are the Latest Trend in Mobile Segments

Cardboard or Paper Batteries are the Latest Trend in Mobile Segments

by December 2, 2014

tiny-cardboard-batteryMobile technology has taken a giant leap from the conventional communication devices to hybrid devices. These devices run on battery power, but to the disappointment of many, these batteries get drained out very quickly. You watch one movie on your tab and you will be running to plug-in the charger. If you are going to use your smartphone or tablet for long distance travel, it is imperative that you have to carry along a power bank. Given the size and the design of the portable chargers, you would find them a bit too uncomfortable; especially when you are standing. Portable chargers or power banks need a lot time to recharge as well. So, what you may consider advantageous for your long-distance travel—it would—in fact be a pain in the wrong places.

Mini Power

A good alternative to the portable charger is the cardboard battery. A designer named Tsung Chih-Hsien is the inventor of the tiny cardboard capsule battery that can juice up your smartphone. When you search for this product in the market, you will find it under the name Mini Power and is available in selected stores only. Unlike the conventional batteries, these batteries are disposable and one can choose options ranging from two to six hours. Although these batteries are disposable, they can be recycled to get new batteries. This however, cannot be done on your own and you will have to check out some good recycling companies or services that can do it for you. Most disposable batteries for mobiles are available in plastic coatings, which is not-biodegradable. The paper batteries adhere to the environmental norms by providing the best power and zero harm to the environment.

Portable Paper Batteries

The paper batteries are available on paper perforated sheets; hence they can be bought in bulk and used on a need basis. There is absolutely no need to carry the bulky power banks when you are carrying the portable paper batteries. The concept of paper batteries is not old; there are many convenient stores in Asia and Japan that sell this new age batteries to thousands of customers. If you are travelling for an hour or so, you can opt for the 2 hr paper battery. If you are planning a long distance travel for more than four hours, then you should go for the 6 hr paper battery. On the cost front, you will find that the paper batteries are highly-cost effective and they also suite the average users.

Although the concept of paper or cardboard batteries is relatively newer in the US, there are many stores that have now started to sell these convenient batteries for the masses. Paper batteries stand as a testament to the creativity in mobile technology and ushers a new generation of portable mobile charging with style. Currently, the paper battery concept got a grand welcome in the Asian market where companies such as Samsung have a very strong hold. You can try out these batteries and see them for yourself. Don’t rely on rumors that have surfaced after the launch of these new batteries. These rumors have been spread by several dubious individuals and companies. In fact, there are some competitors who are trying to give a band name to the paper or cardboard batteries.

cardboard-batteryEASY TO CARRY

The cardboard or paper batteries are easy to carry and they are very easy to use as well. You can easily pop one into your pocket when you are traveling for quite some distance. If you forget to charge your mobile phone in the evening, you will be searching for portable chargers to get them charged on the way. Many times people don’t know how to use the portable batteries in the right manner and so they give candid remarks. To get these batteries at your doorstep, you will have to log on to the internet and search for these batteries on popular online sites. When you open up the paper batteries, you will still find a miniature battery that looks really good. Given the size of the battery, you will not have much of a problem in carrying it.