How to Select a Washing Machine: A Complete Guide for Buyers

How to Select a Washing Machine: A Complete Guide for Buyers

How to Select a Washing Machine: A Complete Guide for Buyers

by June 13, 2017
buying guide for washing machine

Choosing the right washing machine is quite a task. You need to do a good research on different types of washing machines available in the market, before investing in the right one. Finding the best washing machine which matches all your expectations, can be as good as finding the best life partner – after all, the washing machine will never deny helping you in cleaning up the dirty laundry.

Some of the important factors to consider while investing in the washing machines are: capacity, front load, top load, semi-automatic or fully automatic etc. While some of the other features of the machine are digital display, quick wash, protective wash, steam wash, child lock, fuzzy logic etc.

We have penned down the list of things in the washing machine to help you understand its features and functionality. This will certainly help you decide what exactly you are looking for.

Capacity of the Washing Machine

The capacity of the washing machine is one of the major factors to be considered while buying the washing machine. The washing machine is usually a long term investment and generally not replaced frequently. Here, the capacity of the machine indicates the load or the weight of clothes which can be washed at a single go. Ensure you always abide by the given capacity of the machine load and not to overwork the machine. As a routine, fill the drum only one third to give enough space for all the clothes while spinning & for better wash quality.

If you tend to wash the clothes every day or every alternate day – better to consider a medium sized washing machine. For bigger families & if you wash the clothes once or twice a week – consider a large capacity washing machine. The smaller capacity machines work just fine for the smaller families. Based on the family size you can consider the recommended machine capacity as given below:

  1. For a family with 4 to 5 members, machine with the capacity of 7 to 8kgs should do.

  2. For a larger family, machine with the capacity of 10+kg should do.

  3. For a single person or two, machine with the capacity of 6kg should do.

Front Load or Top Load – Washing Machine Loading Type

Front Load: With the scarcity of water everywhere, the front load washing machine is a saviour. It consumes less water and energy and comes with timers & advanced wash programs. Most of the front loading machines come with built-in heater to heat the water to wash the clothes cleanly. However, they are expensive compared to top load & you need to bend your back to dump the clothes from the front of the machine. Make sure to dump all your dirty clothes before you turn ON the machine, as you cannot dump the clothes midway through the wash. Front load also needs a permanent water connection with higher water pressure. They also weigh heavy & hence difficult to move. Front load machines are less noisy and come in the price range of 25,000 to 70,000 INR.

Top Load: Top Load washing machine is economical and easiest to use with lesser wash programs. The machine has a vertical tub and uses a single tube to wash & dry clothes. Like the name says you can load the clothes from top and add any missed out clothes midway through the wash. If you have a back problem & if you cannot bend, better to go for the top load washing machine. However, it consumes more water for every wash and the washing quality is not as high as the front load washing machine. The Top Load machines are noisier & come in the price range of 15,000 to 40,000 INR.

Semi automatic or Fully- automatic: Washing Machine Type

Washing machines are of two type’s semi automatic and fully automatic:

  • The semi automatic washing machine comes with two tubs, one for washing and another one for drying and needs someone to manually switch between the functions. Semi automatic machines consume less water & electricity. It does not need a continuous water supply, if there is no sufficient water; you can even pour in a bucket of water manually or dump the clothes in to the machine half way through the wash. You should manually scrub the collars or the stains before dumping the clothes into the machine, so as to ensure the stains are removed well. The semi automatic machines are prone to electric hazards if not connected properly. It does need a lot of human work and intervention which is a major disadvantage here.

  • Fully automatic machines come with the latest & advanced technology wash programs. It needs minimal or no human intervention unlike semi automatic machines. The fully automatic washing machine uses a single tub for both washing & drying. It does everything by itself like washing, rinsing, drying etc and turns off the machine after use. It consumes more electricity compared to semi automatic washing machine. However, fully automatic washing machines are expensive & requires uninterrupted water supply. Thus, if you are busy and have no time to switch between the functions like in semi automatic, the fully automatic washing machine is the best choice for you, where you can relax and enjoy your favourite book while the clothes are washed and dried.

Some of the additional features of the washing machines are as below:

  1. Quick wash – This is the best feature in the washing machine to finish off your laundry as early as possible. It usually 60minutes or more to wash the clothes in the washing machine. But, the ‘Quick wash’ feature washes the clothes within 25minutes & is a perfect feature to use when you are in a hurry.

  2. Delay Start – This feature basically waits till the preset time before it starts the Machine to wash the clothes. Meanwhile the machine tub is filled with enough water, detergent and the clothes are soaked well to make the stain removal easier.

  3. Fuzzy logic – Fuzzy logic varies for each brand and the main logic behind is to choose the amount of water or the detergent, the wash time or any other conditions based on the laundry load.

  4. Steam Wash – Steam wash is the most latest & advanced feature available in the expensive washing machines. Some clothes which need extra care while washing can use this feature. All it does is, forcefully passes the heat, steam & humidity through the clothes to remove the stain & the odour.

  5. Child lock – Child lock is an awesome feature if you have kids at home. It locks the washing machines panel to stop the kids from fiddling the washing machines

  6. Machine protection – If you do not want to damage the internal parts of the washing machine. The ‘protective rat mesh’protects the physical parts of the machine to ensure safety.

Important bulletins to consider while buying the washing machine:

  1. Invest in the energy saver washing machines.

  2. Consider the budget and to choose between the load and function types accordingly.

  3. Buy a machine with both washer and dryer.

  4. Consider the size of the machine – Look out for a washing machine to fit in your utility room, if needed take measurements of the area to place the washing machine and pick the machine accordingly.

  5. The machine with the above mentioned additional features is definitely a right choice.

Check Washing Machine Price List once you decide which one to buy!

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