Buffalo MiniStation Extreme – Its Faster and Much Better

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme – Its Faster and Much Better

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme – Its Faster and Much Better

by June 3, 2015
buffalo ministation extreme harddrive

Image source – thinkcomputers.org

Looking for a powerful portable hard drive that’s faster than the usual hard drive available in the market and offers good amount of storage space? Check out the Buffalo MiniStation Extreme. Launched only recently, this stylishly designed hard drive comes with a read and write speed of 116.90 MBps and 109.70 MBps respectively, which is much faster than most other high-end hard drive models available in the market.

The MiniStation Extreme is a successor to the previously released MiniStation Stealth. By introducing the Extreme, the company plans to offer the users a much faster portable hard drive with shock-resistant features.

Look and Feel

buffalo ministation extreme design

Image source – engadget.com

Compared to the Stealth, the MiniStation Extreme looks more impressive. The drive looks like a small notebook that features a glossy plastic on one side and has a textured rubber coating on the other. However, unlike the Stealth that has a square design, the Extreme features a fancy rounded corner on the upper right.

Interestingly, the USB cable can easily be folded into the corner. As a result, you don’t have to carry the cable separately. The MiniStation Extreme has been designed taking into consideration military standards. It is capable of withstanding fall from a height of 2 meters, compared to LaCie Rugged Mini that can sustain a shock from a height of 1.2 meters. However, the latter is water resistant and can also withstand pressures of up to 1 tonne. This is probably the only aspect where the Extreme moves back to the second spot.

At 8.2 ounces, the Extreme seems to be lighter than the Rugged Mini but is definitely not the slimmest with Seagate’s GoFlex Turbo holding on to the top spot.


buffalo ministation extreme setup

Image source – buffalo-technology.com

The hard drive features utilities for backup, file encryption, RAMDISK and ECO power management. All of these utilities need to be installed separately and this may consume a good amount of time. Moreover, on installation, it requires you to restart your computer, which may be another good reason for you to get annoyed.


buffalo ministation extreme usb

image source – pentaxforums.com

Keep aside the setup and the utility part, the MiniStation Extreme shines the brightest in the spot that’s most crucial – the speed. The hard drive takes full advantage of the latest USB 3.0 interface along with the TurboPC technology, thereby offering you a speed much faster than any other portable hard drives around. It can easily transfer around 5GB of multimedia files within a minute and a half roughly at around 74.2 MBps.

The Final Word

Buffalo offers 1TB and 500GB variants of the MiniStation Extreme. So, pick one based on your personal requirement. With the best data transfer speed and a stylish design, you might want to give it an 8 on 10, which is indeed a good rating.