Browse Your Way with Free Android Browsing Apps

Browse Your Way with Free Android Browsing Apps

Browse Your Way with Free Android Browsing Apps

by March 14, 2015

Browsing internet on the go has become the order of the day. Today, it is nearly impossible to find a person who doesn’t use a mobile phone. With the advent of the newer, innovative and affordable smartphones, using internet has become a common sight everywhere. People are literally hooked to their smart devices, browsing through different websites. If you are an Android phone user, you would find the device is loaded with the default web browser, Google Chrome. Although, Chrome works efficiently and provides a seamless and hassle-free experience, you can try using other free browsing apps on your Android phone. Some of the best free browsers and their features are discussed below:

Mozilla Firefox

This is one of the most popular browsers used by laptop and desktop computer users. The android mobile version of the browser has proved to offer the users the most polished and seamless user experience. Besides, for Android users, the browser features a huge array of add-ons that further simplify browsing and add to the easy browsing experience. The add-ons allow users to manage their passwords, block the irritating pop-ups and ads and to the flexibility for power users.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Hover Browser

Not many of you would have heard about this browser but it is one of the most remarkable apps that every android phone user must have. The significant feature of this browser is that it is a floating app. This implies that it ‘hovers’ around other applications installed on your phone so that you can browse the web even while you are using other app or watching a movie. Thus it make multi-tasking easy than ever before. The app is of great use for business person who wish to keep an eye the webpage while they are doing something else on the phone. For instance, you can keep working on your presentation and the same time get the latest score updates of the Cricket Match.

Download Hover Browser

CM Browser

If your Android phone doesn’t have a big storage space, then it is best to use the CM browser. It is a good, lean app that doesn’t occupy too much memory on your mobile phone. Besides, the browser has a clean and sophisticate interface that makes browsing fun and easy. The app takes only about 5MB space after installation. The interface of this browser is often compared with Opera Mini, but it provides a better user experience.

Download CM Browser

UC Browser

This is another popular android browser. It is loaded with some awesome features that gives the mobile phone users an amazing browsing experience. The major highlight of this browser is that it preloads the webpage so that it loads quickly. Additionally, the browser manages downloads automatically; it automatically resumes download in case of internet connection drop. Other notable features of this amazing app is that it integrates with Facebook and shows you the notifications in real time.

Download UC Browser