Brand New 29-inch LED TVs – Truly Worth That Extra Attention

Brand New 29-inch LED TVs – Truly Worth That Extra Attention

Brand New 29-inch LED TVs – Truly Worth That Extra Attention

by March 26, 2013

The flat panel LED TVs seem to be the treat of the present era. Apart from better picture and fabulous sound quality, LEDs, unlike its bulky old predecessors do not occupy a huge amount of space. Simply, mount it onto a wall and that is it, and you have enough space to move your furniture around. Engineered with the latest technology, these LEDs promise you the best entertainment. The recently launched LEDs seem to be a few steps ahead from the ones to heard of a couple of years ago. Here are three brand new 29-inch LED TVs that surely deserves that extra attention.

Intex LED 2901Intex LED 2901
According to Intex, the TV has been specifically designed taking into consideration the preferences of the Indian audience. The 2901 will cost you around Rs. 19000, which is definitely not a bad deal. The model features a contrast of 400000:1 on a resolution of 1366 x 768. Other standard features include better viewing angles, HDMI outputs and compatibility with external speakers. Interestingly, the company also claims that the TV has a very short response time of just 8ms. The TV also features a smart power-saving mode that can greatly cut down on the power consumption. The picture mode options include Standard, PC, Movie and Native. Apart from the internal features, the design too is quite appealing.

Toshiba 29PB200Toshiba 29PB200
This 29-incher uses the Regza engine that works towards reproducing high resolution images thereby offering a much better video quality. Further contributing towards the picture quality is a faster processor. The sound bar is located below the bezel. Moreover, the Power Bass Booster further enhances the clarity of the Bass sound. It also includes an Auto Signal Booster that improves signal sensitivity in areas receiving weak signals. Other crucial features include a contrast booster and AutoView.

Sharp LC-29LE440MSharp LC-29LE440M
The TV boasts of a highly portable and a compact design that can easily fit almost any corner of your room. Opposed to other LED models, this one sports a narrow bezel design. It has an impressive contrast ratio of 1000000:1 and a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The wider viewing angles ensure you the best picture quality no matter where you watch it from. Two built-in speakers along with an Audyssey Spatial EQ promises you a movie theatre-like experience. The digital amplifier makes the sound a lot more audible and clear. Other features include optical picture control, digital comb filter, USB photo viewer, eco friendly power saver and dual picture function.

All of these are bundled with some fabulous features, some of which not available in other models. The best deals on the same can be found online. Compare the prices at to save a few bucks.

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