Book Lovers VS Movie Lovers

Book Lovers VS Movie Lovers

Book Lovers VS Movie Lovers

by July 11, 2017

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Before you raise your brows and utter, “One can be both a book lover and movie lover!” let me tell you something, you can never love two things equally. Nope. You are bound to be partial to one or the other. So let’s establish the parameter for discerning book lovers and movie lovers. Those who pick books over movies more often are book lovers and those who most of the times prefer to watch movies over reading books are movie lovers. The book lovers watch movies and the movie lovers too read books, sometimes, but their loyalty never waver a bit. Many of the characteristics and habits of book lovers and movie lovers vary widely. Let’s find out what makes them distinguishable and unique in their own ways.

The Patient Dreamers Vs. Impatient Action Cravers

Book lovers are more patient in their pursuit of happiness than the movie lovers. They will read pages of descriptions, character introductions, soliloquies and dialogues before reaching the blood cuddling moments of decision, the action or the conclusions. Movie lovers focus more on the pace of the narratives, the quickness of plot and the brilliance of brevity. Film critics often mention in their reviews that running time was a little too long for the scope of plots and rightly so because the Silver Screen demands action, there is no place for dreamy descriptions. Book lovers can wait patiently and read beautifully written pages for days before a bloody scene arrives. Take for instance the Game of Throne Series. I read 3 and a half books over 3 months to reach the Red Wedding whereas most of my friends binged watched the three seasons to get majority of action written over 3200 pages.

Admirers of Characters Vs. Fans of Heroes

Let’s admit it is the Harry Potter movies that influenced us to try the round framed specs not the books. Book lovers may admire certain characters in the books but they do not speak, dress or act like them in real life. Well, I have many times imagined myself as different bookish characters but never dressed like them or adopted their hairstyle. Movie lovers not just ardently adore the dresses, hairstyles and mannerisms of actors but they also try these out in real life.

Cynical Generosity Vs. Indulgent Generosity

Every book lover has at least once been betrayed in life by a friend, a cousin, a relative or a crush who took their book never to return. Book casualties are also not unheard of where the book is returned battered and injured, with folded pages and food stains. Naturally, book lovers don’t lend books too happily, unless the borrower is an attractive specimen of the opposite gender. Movie lovers don’t face such problems since movies can be copied to pendrives and distributed freely. A movie lover friend of mine, Saurabh, not just tells me about movies but drops at my place with the suggested movies loaded in the pendrive. Thanks to him I watched several splendid movies like The Perfume, The Violin Player etc. I cannot remember one friend who suggested a book and shoved it on my face to read it. On the other hand I, who did it, lost two Sidney Sheldons for life.

Till Death Do Us Part Vs. Let It Go

I am a book hoarder. Most of the book lovers are book hoarders. We love to touch our books, smell them, just take them out to read one or two favorite passages and smile tenderly. We are attached to all the books we possess, no matter how good or bad, we cannot easily give up these prized possessions. Movie lovers, on the other hand, do not cram GB space with all the movies they watch. Every movie lover too has a collection of films but only those which they absolutely loved and which they will be watching time and again. Selling old books take a really hard soul whereas deleting movies takes only few clicks.

Dependence on Technology Vs. Detachment from Technology

Being a book lover, I can go hours without technology. Often when I am reading I forget to check Whatssap and Messenger for hours, resulting into the fury of BFFs. A good book in bed is the best recipe for happiness in all seasons, no technology needed. Even though I too have a Kindle, I don’t use it as often as hand-held paperbacks. So, the dependence on technology is minimal. However, Movie lovers have to depend on technology for entertainment. From apps to sturdy laptops to spacious Hard-drive, they need a lot of technologically evolved items to keep up their hobby.

Money Savers Vs. Memory Gatherers

Loving books can be more expensive than loving movies. With so many sites offering free of cost movie downloads and superior reap quality, movie lovers are practically spoilt for choice. Though many books are available online for free downloads, reading fat books on laptops or smart phones seem an exhausting task for the eyes. The Kindle store offers free downloads too but not for all the books I want. Also, the text of a book matters as much as the edition and the publishing house. I love my Penguin books for their stunning covers and the detailed, well-researched introductions. Most importantly, owning a book enhances the reading experience. Thus for every book lover buying books is essential. The more books you have the more bookcases, racks are needed, adding up to the expenses. In comparison, movie lovers will be sorted for years with a good quality TB hard-drive.

Genre Breakers Vs. Rule Makers

One strange thing I have noticed about movie lovers is that they may be fond of classy French or Korean flicks or noir but they will gladly go watch Baahubali at multiplexes. Yes, they will criticize the movie later but they don’t mind watching trash like Hera Pheri 2 five times. As a book lover I can vouch that I cannot read a bad book more than once. I have stopped reading many books after few pages or chapters into it, such as the Vampire Diaries series. Those who love to read classics stick mostly to classics, those who love non-fiction hardly read three to four fiction works in their lifetime. Even if book lovers break the boundaries of genre the deal has to be really attractive and worth it. Movie lovers are more flexible in this regard.

Eye on Details Vs. Attention on Entertainment

Reading becomes really enjoyable when all the details fit in together. Book lovers are not appeased unless the language, narrative style and plot are all brilliant. We enjoy and bask in the details, the pictorial quality of descriptions and the word-play in dialogues. We notice every loophole and want the ending of the book to explain them satisfactorily. Let me add that reading is not just about apprehension towards a climax but relishing each page for its own merit. The attention of movie lovers is usually stuck on the entertainment factor. If the parameters of entertainment are met even the most implausible plots are accepted. I have often heard my movie buff friends comment, “It was for entertainment, don’t go looking for a plot”, as if bad plot doesn’t matter.

Bookstagram Vs. Fan-Pages

The way book lovers and movie lovers use virtual media is different as well. For book lovers there are Bookstagram, Goodread groups and book review blogs/vlogs, whereas movie lovers create Facebook fan pages, join relevant social media groups or keep an eye on trailer releases on YouTube.

Alone-Time Vs. Group Activities

Book lovers prefer to be left alone unless, they are excited to tell stories of their latest read to non-book-loving counterparts. Being alone is a boon as that provides ample opportunity to read. Though movie lovers watch movies alone at home too only a handful of them visit cinema halls alone for watching a movie. Watching movies is mostly a group activity and if they cannot get a group to join them they drag at least one friend along. My friend Smita took me to watch Iron Man 3 by playing the puppy eyes card. It’s another story that I was swept off the sit by the lead actor. So even if no one is around to give us company, book lovers can always enjoy what they love best but the movie lovers need their buddies.

Natural Conversationist Vs. Conversation Catalyst

Communication skills vary from person to person and it is impossible to judge whether book lovers or movie lovers are better conversationalists. However, in my opinion reading enables a book lover to talk about a plethora of subjects. From aviation to the concoction used for preserving mummies, we have very wide spread interests and enjoy long conversations. Moreover, our conversations are more often centered on a variety of topics other than books. Movie lovers feel a bit out of depth when asked to make conversation about things other than movies unless they have other interests such as cricket or football.

All in Mind’s Eye Vs. No Scope for Fancy

Books create the space for utilizing our imagination. Every time I read a book I feel as if I can see every scene in my mind, I create the faces of the characters, their dresses and their bodies. Every page plays vividly in front of my mind’s eyes and that is the part I enjoy most about reading. Movie lovers have very little scope for being imaginative. The visuals, the music and the sound-effects are already taken care off. In case they do not like a movie they come up with ideas about how the ending should have been or how a scene could be made better. That’s about all the imagination they invest.

Need for Reviews Vs. Driven by Impulse

Recently in my friend’s group in Whatssap we were discussing plans for the weekend when one of the girls suggested watching Tubelight. Promptly another friend mentioned that the movie is no good as even ardent fans of the superstar are unimpressed by it. Movie reviews spread like wildfire. A number of movie lovers depend on newspaper and online reviews before deciding to watch a movie. Even when someone suggests a movie the movie lovers would once consult IMDB for ratings before finally downloading it. Book lovers are not as dependent on heresy or reviews. We have a huge TBR or To be Read list consisting of books we have or want to purchase. When I come across a good review I might just add another book to the TBR. Opinions on books hugely vary between readers so going completely by heresy or random reviews would be a mistake.

Unbiased Criticism Vs. Benefit of Doubt

Book lovers and movie lovers both have their favorites. When a much awaited book fails to meet expectations we do not stop from criticizing it. Movie lovers are fixated on actors more than we can ever be inclined towards authors. They will not fail to turn up first day, first show no matter how placid the trailer seemed. A huge number of movie lovers are crazy fans, only too ready to pay for watching their favorite actors move on screen.

I have often felt that watching a really fantastic movie is like reading an excellent book in a few hours. Good books and good movies both can leave a deep impact in our minds. Book lovers and movie lovers may have plenty of differences but at the end of the day they both admire quality content and that bridges the differences between them.

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