by June 16, 2015

blackberry to launch android smartphone

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Smartphone is THE gadget in use today. Be it a small screened or with a huge 6” screen, with an octa-core or a dual core processor, 3G or 4G enabled, or any other combination of specs, everyone needs a Smartphone. However, there is one major selling point of any Smartphone – its O.S. From Apple’s iOS to Windows O.S, the consumer has a quite a few platforms to choose from depending on their needs. With Google’s Android grabbing the #1 spot on the list of most popular platforms, more and more device manufacturers are leaning towards incorporating the Green Robot as part of their device specs…and BlackBerry is one of them.

blackberry 10 os

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The BlackBerry range of Smartphones currently runs on the brand’s own BlackBerry OS with the latest iteration being BlackBerry 10. The once market leader in business phones is now reduced to holding a meager share of about 1% in Smartphone sales. Sensing the growing need to make some radical changes in its approach to device making, it seems that BlackBerry is ready to take a potentially game- changing step…

android os for blackberry

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According to Reuters, BlackBerry will soon launch an Android powered phone in an attempt to get back in the competitive field of Smartphones. This switch may be considered as part of the Ontario- based company’s strategy of focusing on device management and software. BlackBerry had refused to comment on the rumor and stated that it was committed to its home- grown OS that provides a security and productivity that is unmatched. It had launched the BlackBerry 10 series of devices in early 2013 which had been received with positivity by the users.

blackberry android user interface

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One of the biggest reasons that the BlackBerry platform fails to appeal to Smartphone users is its lack of apps by developers which the other platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS are quick to provide (although at a price sometimes).

At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona this year, BlackBerry had hinted at a new Smartphone design with a curve display much like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This device would have a slide- out keyboard too. According to Reuters report, the rumored Android BlackBerry device will too feature such a keyboard combined with a touch screen. However, it isn’t known if it will be the same device as talked about at the MWC. The phone is expected to be launched in the fall and seeing that it will probably sport the trademark BlackBerry physical keyboard along with touch screen, it will find itself appealing to the millions who prefer such a dual input method.

bbm for android and ios

In 2013, BlackBerry had made its very popular BBM messenger available to other platforms like Android and iOS to increase its appeal. This March saw it release the BlackBerry Experience Suite to Android, Windows, iPhones, and iPads for the same reasons.

The upcoming months will show if BlackBerry will be able to reclaim its once lion’s share of the mobile market or not…