Blackberry Priv – The First Android Powered Blackberry Phone is Coming Out Soon

Blackberry Priv – The First Android Powered Blackberry Phone is Coming Out Soon

Blackberry Priv – The First Android Powered Blackberry Phone is Coming Out Soon

by October 20, 2015
Blackberry Priv – The First Android Powered Blackberry Phone is Coming Out Soon


In Android and iPhones dominated world of smartphones, Blackberry may seem to be an alien name these days. But, if you can just rewind the time to go 5 years in the past, you would see Blackberry was the most sought after smartphones in the market. People owning BB smartphones didn’t spare a second thought to flash their fancy QWERTY keypad phone with great pride. It came to be associated with the smartphone for the business professionals. Alas, after every rise there is a fall, and BB was no exception to this rule. The only difference is that BB fell hard and flat on its face and it dint failed to rise up to the challenges (or should I say threat) posed by the new players, Android and Apple phones.

blackberry priv android slider


After being out of the game for a while, BB has finally realized that adaptability is the key to survive in this intensely competitive market. The makers of Blackberry phones have finally decided to take their first step into the world of Android and (tada!) here comes the Priv, Blackberry’s first ever Android powered Smartphone which was initially rumoured to be known as Venice.

blackberry priv specs


The new phone, according to a UK based website, will be available in the market (UK) from November 6th 2015 and the pre-orders for the same have already started. If you have been a BB user and you suddenly feel that emotional connect to your once cherished phone and are excited to get your hands on it, we at Compareraja as always will give you a heads-up on what you can expect from it. Well, it is rumoured to be launched in India in the first week of December.


The first looks of Blackberry Priv may look very familiar to you, which is because it is quite similar to the design of the Blackberry Torch. The design is inspired by the 2010 model with updated features.

blackberry priv features


The good thing about this design is that BB retains its signature QWERTY Keypad that rests underneath the slide. The new phone also boasts of a touch QWERTY keypad. In terms of screen size, it features a 5.4 inch QHD Screen.


Traditionally, BB phone have never been known for their hardware specs, this is about to change with the new Priv. The makers of Blackberry phones have realized that the modern day consumers are well-informed and that they consider the hardware as one of the key factors in their decision making.

blackberry priv phone


Consequently, BB Priv is loaded with 1.8 GHz dual + 1.44 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and it also comes with 3GB RAM. So for all the multi-tasking enthusiasts you know that the phone will run as fast as you want it to run.

Memory Capacity

The all new Blackberry Priv comes with a much improved memory capacity than any of the previous Blackberry phones. It comes with an internal memory capacity of 32GB and it can be further expanded up to 2 TB with a micro SD card.


Operating System

It is quite sad that BB has chose to release the Priv loaded with Android v 5.1.1 Lollipop OS even as the release of the latest Android Marshmallow is just around the corner.

blackberry android

However, in BB defend it, and it is quite understandable why BB chose Lollipop over Marshmallow. Being an upcoming device, BB wants to play it safe with the tried and tested, efficient OS and update to the new OS eventually.

Battery Life

Another noteworthy improvement in the BB phone is the much improved battery in the Blackberry Priv. The new phone will be powered by a massive 3410 mAh battery that is sure to keep your device running for a long time even with prolonged usage.



The Priv sports a solid 18 MP Schneider-Kreuanach primary camera that lets you click brilliant quality pictures. This is again which is a huge improvement from the previous BB phones.

blackberry priv camera

Also, for all the selife addicts, the phone has a 2 MP front camera which is sure to make you look good and make your pout and duck face selfie look even more cute and adorable.


Last, but not the least, the Blackberry Priv is reportedly priced at about 579.99 Pounds, which is about $895.