Best Headphones for Music and Gaming Professionals

Best Headphones for Music and Gaming Professionals

Best Headphones for Music and Gaming Professionals

by December 4, 2014


Different needs base different choice

The needs and requirements of features in headphones may certainly vary from user to user. While a music lover looks for the best bass effects, volume control and the likes, a gamer on the other hand will definitely want a surround sound effect to get the ultimate gaming impact/experience. However the best feature any wise user will check into is the comfort level of the headsets even after a prolonged period of wearing/using them. So what kind of headset would be apt so as to gain maximum value for money? Here follows a few handpicked choices for music lovers and gamers sorted out separately in order to shoo away that confusion of choice of selection.


For the music buffs

Noise-cancellation, fine tuning, bass-thumping effects inside that ear hole – all these are like a slice of heaven to all the music lovers. They direly want to listen to music without any disturbance from the surrounding that might interrupt the flow and thus tarnish the mood. Keeping all your desires in mind, check out the following headsets that are simply worth it.


  • Beats Studio Wireless Headphones:

The best in the market for headphones, the company of Beats is well known for its quality sound along with the complete and adaptive feature of non-cancellation. Being wireless in nature, that is, having a Bluetooth connectivity option (provision of connection is of up to thirty feet), you can do away with the tangled affair of wires. The headphone also has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Incomparable stereo sound effects and overall music quality and padded comfort over the ears lets you to freely move around while receiving calls or changing the song.


  • Bose’s QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones – limited edition color:

Lesser of noise and more of music heard through this pair of beauty. With tender, around the ear cushions the headphones will sit comfortably over your ears all through the day. The added feature includes the rotating (up to 90 degrees) earcups which makes it easy in portability. The enduring triple A battery serves about a whooping thirty-five hours of usage.


  • Skullcandy Headphones Hesh Black-Blue:

Use these headphones once, and you’ll know how dangerously addictive they are. The Skullcandy range of headphones brings to the young generation an unbeatable sound clarity as well as quality in reasonable prices. This particular product from the company consists of large cans that furnish your ears with rich sound. For the comfort zone, the ear pillows are given a touch of leather feel. It does not showcase too much of power sound but strikes a delicately beautiful balance between the bass and the control over sound distortion. For all the teens and budding youths, this pair of headphones with cool designs in blue and quality sound, would be an excellent investment without drilling a hole in the pockets.


For the gamers


  • Turtle Beach Z Seven:

Starting from the design with an overall rating of 9.7/10, this pair will become an absolute favorite to the gamers once you complete reading about it. The comfortable ear cups that are not only lined with leather but also cushioned provides your head along with the ears a desirable support for going for endless hours of
PC gaming at a stretch. Added to the never ending list of amazing features of the headsets give an amazing surround sound, cancellation of noise and an adjustable amplifier. The set has connection ports for PC and Mac and it also consists of a removable microphone. With this monster you are sure to be transported to the virtual realm of gaming without being able to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

square-louped-PC363DSennheiser PC 363D:

The ultimate headset for every gamer, is incorporated with enticing features of intuitive controls, sound accuracy, noise cancellation, sound card slots and “ergonomic acoustic refinement”. German engineering ensures an uncompromising comfort level with ear pads designed so as to prevent perspiration. The added microphone is utterly flexible. It can be rotated all way to the top of or back of your head or even close to your mouth or farther away. The flipping up of the microphone arm automatically sets you into mute. The German engineering makes the headset durable and along with being the best for entertainment purposes. It is sure to transport you to a different world.

Choose from the wide range of products of well crafted headphones and gift yourself utter bliss.