Best Convertible Laptops Available in the Indian Market

Best Convertible Laptops Available in the Indian Market

Best Convertible Laptops Available in the Indian Market

by February 16, 2015

Laptops have been one of the greatest inventions that the current day generation is blessed with. Everywhere from schools to colleges and business organizations, people are greatly dependent on their beloved laptop to get their work done. As the advancement of technology refuses to mellow down, the laptops are becoming sleeker, smarter and better.

One of the latest developments in the laptop technology that is nothing short of a marvel is the advent of convertible laptops. Yes, you heard it right, ‘convertible laptops are the new chic.’ Popularly known as 2-in-1 laptops, these are a new breed of laptops that serve the dual purpose of both a laptop and a tablet. In the past few years, these laptops have gained immense popularity as well as have become a lot more affordable. Today, there are several laptop manufacturers that have come-up with their own convertible series. Some of the best convertible laptops available in the market are

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

Lenovo is one of the leading names when it comes to offering the most advanced and feature rich laptops. The laptop features a full HD low glare 12.5 inches and mechanically locked keys while it is used in a tablet mode. The laptop is robust, rigid and offer great performance. The 4GB RAM and Intel Core i3 processor makes multi-tasking easy.

Price – 31,900/- (approx)

Our verdict – Great buy for its price

  • Dell XPS 12

One of the most popular names in the laptop industry, the Dell XPS 12 only accentuates the immense belief of the people about the credibility of the company. The 12.5 device has a swivable screen and it can rotate inside within its outer frame. The high power processor and long lasting battery makes it a great buy.

Price – 69,999/- (approx)

Our verdict – Go for it

  • Asus Transformer Books

The transformer book series includes 4 models, TX300, T300, TRIO and the most popular amongst the series T100. These laptops can be used as a standalone device as well as connected to multifunctional docking station that has a keyboard attached to it. The entire screen can be detached from the lower part of the laptop and you can carry the screen, which is a touch screen and operate the functions on the move.

Price – 46,999/-

Our Verdict – powerful performance makes it a worthy investment

  • Sony Vaio Multi Flip Series

In the race to produce the best convertible laptops, Sony is not far behind other leading brands. The series includes three models that have a 13 inch, 14 inch and a 15 inch screen. All the models have a touch screen that can be flipped around from a hinge placed on the middle of the outer rim. With features that is only the best in the laptop industry; the Sony Vaio Multi Flip series convertible laptops are a force to reckon with.

Price – 60,000/- (approx)

Our Verdict – for this price, you get a laptop and tablet

There are plenty of other models too, but these are by far the best. These models come with different price tags so do your comparison and choose the one that fits your budget and meets your needs.