‘Best Apps of 2014’ section unveils by Google on Play store

by December 9, 2014

googlebestappsof2014By publishing a list of Best Apps of 2014, Google has indeed kept up with what it did last year too, as the year came to an end. The list comprises of little over 60 apps in all with a few of them paid ones while the rest are for free. Well, this list is for Google USA and moreover with location based apps, you will need to add or subtract a couple of them from the list depending upon your search country. Below given are a few apps mentioned in the list.

5by, 7 Minute Workout Challenge – Paid Version, Afterlight – Paid Version , BuzzFeed, Carousel – Dropbox Photos, Cartoon Network Anything, CNN Breaking US & World News,   Comedy Central, Dailymotion,    Disney Movies Anywhere, edjing – DJ Music Mixer Studio, Expedia Hotels and Flights, Google Fit, NYTimes, Obscure – Share what you want, OkCupid Dating, Onefootball – Pure Soccer!, Pandora, Shazam, SoundHound, Sunrise Calendar, SwiftKey Keyboard, Telegram, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords – Paid Version, Yahoo News Digest.

Best-Apps-Of-2014Despite being an extensive one, the existing popular ones to be featured in the list include Shazam, TuneIn Radio, Qik- Group Video Chat, Secret, Uber and Skype. There are few apps such as Amazing World Atlas, Afterlight, djay 2 and Over which can be downloaded after paying nominal amounts

Interestingly, Google has released four Android apps for Chrome OS viz. a language learning app -Duolingo, Evernote app to take down notes, Sight Words app which helps to improvise reading skills in children while Vine app can be used to create short, looping videos. All these four apps are available for free for Chrome OS users.

Are you wondering who is on the winning side in terms of maximum downloads and revenue generating from downloads? Well, the Q3 market trends throw some great insights on these – Though Google Play downloads exceeded the App store by more than 50 percent in the 3rd quarter as compared to the 3rd quarter of year 2013 but in terms of money generation, App Store was far ahead than Google Play while major revenue was generated through the downloading of gaming apps. Also, the emerging markets downloaded a majority of free apps which made Google Apps lead the download tally.