Benefits of E-Learning

Benefits of E-Learning

Benefits of E-Learning

by December 4, 2014

Over the last decade, online learning has gained rapid success with more and more people investing in the benefits of this. No longer is education confined to physical classrooms. With e-learning, students across the world can yield the benefits of equal education without having to be physically present. E-learning is not just limited to colleges and educational institutes now; even corporations are developing e-learning as part of their internal system for training and coaching.


But let’s look at why online learning has been accepted worldwide as the next best thing. For starters, e-learning offers a number of benefits to students and companies seeking to expand their curricular or internal work content. What that means is, no matter where your students or trainees are, they can still access the same study materials and info and that too at time and place that’s convenient to them. It’s also a great opportunity for corporate organizations to reduce their overall costs on training their employees or the time spent in doing so.

Here are some of the most common benefits of online learning:

Convenient & Flexible

Both in terms of time and place, online learning is flexible and convenient, giving ease of access to those who cannot dedicate a particular time of day or be present at the education/training center for learning. And the same goes for the instructors/educators because no longer is it necessary to sit face-to-face to teach or be taught. People can take classes anywhere, be it daily or on particular days that might be most convenient for them while corporations can train their employees with a DVD/audio-video recording, etc.

• Cost Effective

Without a doubt, studying online will save a lot of money that can otherwise be spent on education and learning. Not that that’s a bad thing, but there are thousands of people who can benefit from restricted costs of education. For instance, with e-learning, many NGO’s are able to impart education to children in third world countries which has been impossible before. Similarly, there are people who work tediously to support themselves or their families. Online learning saves a lot of costs; traveling costs, hostel fee, the costs to buy books and other study materials that are usually available online for free and there are even organizations/websites where one can learn stuff for free.

• Instant Results & Better Concentration

Unlike physical test papers and the associated tedious task of grading them, online tests/exams involve the use of tools (software) that allow instant grading and feedback of exams and test papers, thereby reducing the tasks of tutors, teachers and coaches. Also, when you’re studying by yourself, or even in a small group, the chances of distraction lessen. Plus clever designing, multimedia tools and easy online tutorials that include audio-visual help, make it possible to retain information better and also provide a richer learning environment than traditional education.

• Greater choice of Courses

Online education provides a wider base of courses to choose from. Be it a part-time certificate course or a doctorate, people can choose the specialized subject they find best suited for themselves.

• An Advance in Medical/Pharmaceutical Processes

There’s the immense benefit of spreading medical expertise and pharmacological knowledge in countries that do not have such a great medicinal infrastructure, especially during emergencies. Nonprofit organizations and large-scale medical companies can reach out via tele-medicine, i.e. the use of high-speed fibre optic network to enable doctors and specialists to access patients right from their homes at all hours, via video conferencing.

• Beneficial for Modern Businesses & 21st Century Corporatism

As globalization grows leaps and bounds and companies increase their global scope, they can now hire workers from any part of the world and do not have to worry about spending huge amounts of money on training and expertise. Online learning ceases these problems manifold. Virtual offices, web-casting, pod-casting, v-logs and of course email has resulted in smoother international operations.