Baby Monitors – Things to know before buying one

Baby Monitors – Things to know before buying one

Baby Monitors – Things to know before buying one

by August 10, 2017
baby monitors

Just became a proud parent to your little bundle of joy? Congratulations!

Expecting a child? Congratulations and wish you all the best!

It is not surprising that you desire to spend every millisecond of your next few years with your baby. However, with a multitude of responsibilities at work and home, you may not be able to do so. This is precisely where a baby monitor, or a baby alarm, comes in handy.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a device that can be used to keep a vigil on your child when it is sleeping in a separate quiet room. The signals transmitted by the monitor to you will enable you to know if the baby is asleep or awake.

A baby monitor is a simple radio system that can transmit and receive sound or images and can help you to listen to the different noises made by your baby while you are not in its visible physical proximity.

The transmitter device of the baby monitor is kept near the baby. A microphone on this transmitter device helps to amplify the sounds made by the baby. A receiver with speakers is carried by the parents or by the person who is in-charge of taking care of the baby.

A baby monitor enables you to use your time productively by managing your chores and activities while the baby is asleep.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are three types of baby monitors as below:

Audio Monitors

Audio monitors transmit the sounds coming from the baby’s room to the receiver. This helps a parent or a baby’s caretaker to know if the baby’s sleep has been disturbed. During the night as well, parents can sleep well without constantly having to check on the baby. The baby monitor will raise an alarm if the baby wakes or cries during the night. Audio/ Sound baby monitors are available in analog and digital models. They can have multiple receivers that could be placed around the house for parents to remotely keep track of the baby even if they are moving around .

Baby Video Monitors

If you also want to see the baby while you are away from its physical proximity, you can opt for a video baby monitor. It has a camera along with the microphone that can transmit images of the baby along with the sound.

When sound is not enough, parents may want the extra comfort that comes with seeing what the baby is doing. Video baby monitors have a camera with a microphone that transmits images and sound to a video display on the receiver. The display is mounted on a small handheld receiver which could have a colour screen or a black and white screen.

There are models of baby video monitors that have a portable receiver to enable you to carry it with you around the house. New models of video baby monitors also enable video to be streamed through the internet so that you can keep a check on the baby if you plan to leave it in the house and go to a nearby location to pick grocery quickly or make a short visit to your nearest ATM or bank branch.

Video monitors come with multiple features. The best ones to pick will depend on your requirement, budget and frequency of use. Video baby monitors are available with LCD displays, multiple cameras that can be placed in various rooms in the house, very high-resolution camera with night vision, and automatic camera scanning.

Baby Motion Monitors

These work very unlike a video monitor or sound monitor. Baby motion monitors are placed under a baby’s crib or bed. It keeps track of the baby’s movements and not the sounds made by the baby. Babies are known to move multiple times in their sleep. The baby motion monitor keeps a track of this and raises an alarm when the baby does not move for more than 20 seconds. Some motion monitors can also transmit the sounds of breathing of the baby or crying. Such monitors are used to keep a constant vigil on babies who have been born prematurely or are born with a complicated health condition. In such a scenario, the movement of the baby every few seconds is a critical parameter that needs to be constantly monitored.

However, these days, baby monitors can be synced with the WiFi over the internet. This will enable you to make your laptop or tablet or even your smartphone as the receiver. Hence, you could continue with official work or clear your emails on your laptop while simultaneously keeping track of the baby sleeping in another room.

Brands of “Baby Monitors” available in the market

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor


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This Netherlands headquartered Phillips has more than a 100 year of experience in developing electronic products. Its “Philips Avent Dect” Baby Monitor with DECT technology ensures that there is no interference from other transmitting products such as mobile phones.

It has a range of up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres within the house or indoors

Sound-activated LEDs enables users to see the level of sound in your baby’s room, even if the parent unit is in mute

The operating time on full batteries can go up to one day depending on the usage of the parent unit and the type of battery used.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor – Tilt and Zoom (White)

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It is powered by fhss wireless technology and has a 3.5-inch color LCD screen

It has night mode feature and has a room temperature monitor

It has Inbuilt-lullabies and enables to remotely adjust camera. It also provides for additional camera capabilities

Five LED alerts for noise level with a range of over 200 meters

This video baby monitor device comes at a price of around Rs. 18200.

There are many more baby monitors that you can check and buy online. They are manufactured and marketed by brands such as Safety 1st, D-Link, V-Tech, Defloc, Fosbaby, etc. The options are listed in here :

A few things to remember while buying a Baby Monitor

The first step is obviously to decide whether you want an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor. Consider various factors such as cost, who is in-charge of the baby while you are away, and most importantly, your mindset. While some parents may be happy to monitor the baby through a video and be at peace, others may often get worried unnecessarily based on the output of the monitor.

If your house is small and you have your parents or such responsible people around all the time, you may not need a baby monitor at all.

However, a few points below should be considered if you still opt to buy one:

Digital Monitors any day

Goes without saying in today’s day and age but do ensure that you buy a digital baby monitor. This will ensure that the signals are received by you only and not a neighbour using an electronic device on the same frequency band.

Placement of the Baby Monitor

Digital monitors can interfere with other wireless transmitting devices hence it should be placed as far away from any interfering device as possible.

How much time would spend away from the baby (at home and outside)?

Your professional life, work commitments, running errands at home, etc. may consume a sufficient amount of time away from the baby. Can you draw a rough estimate of this time? If you can spend most of your time in the house, then an audio baby monitor would suffice. However, if you would be a lot outside and still would want to keep a tab, a video baby monitor that can also connect to the internet would be a better bet.

Check the Return Policy

Before you buy the baby monitor that you desire, do ensure that you can return it if it doesn’t suit your need. Once the baby monitor is installed, you might find that it doesn’t work well and faces interference from other electronic devices in the house or neighbourhood. You may also receive it as a gift. Do ensure that it is returnable. Do try the baby monitor before the return period ends and ensure that you get a refund or a replacement if it doesn’t work for you.

Buy a good and reputed brand

Do ensure that you buy a good brand of baby monitor. It should be placed at an optimum distance from the child so that the camera cord doesn’t entangle around the neck and strangulate the baby. Many unfortunate incidents have happened due to inappropriate placement of the monitors and cameras very close to the child. While the parents may have done this to get a clearer view, it may be very dangerous as far as the baby’s safety is concerned.

Get Professional Advice

Once you narrow down on the brand, it is a good idea to check with the doctor if it is fine to expose the baby to a transmitting device like a baby monitor. If the doctor recommends any precaution, do ensure that you take the same as a parent.

Baby monitors are not human beings, a human presence is critical

At the end of the day, a baby monitor is nothing but an electronic device. It may cease to function, or work erroneously. It is important to always have some person in-charge of the baby all the time to keep checking the well-being of the baby at regular intervals.

So, take these steps and buy the baby monitor that fits your requirements.

Happy parenting!