Autobiographies of 5 Sportsperson That Are an Inspiration for All

Autobiographies of 5 Sportsperson That Are an Inspiration for All

Autobiographies of 5 Sportsperson That Are an Inspiration for All

by February 18, 2015

History has stood witness to some great men and women who have battled the odds and emerged victorious. The literary world knows of such inspiring sports icons that have bared their soul to the world and written such incredible autobiographies that promise to capture the attention and earn the respect of millions. The following are few such autobiographies of sports stars that have touched the heart of its readers


If the book is half as honest, and half as epic as the cricketer, then it is a sure shot hit. Co-authored by Boria Majumdar, the book explores the Master Blaster’s journey from his very first match at the age of sixteen to his hundredth international century all the while incorporating incidents and tidbits of his personal life. The almost five hundred pages of the cricketer’s life story have been well received by critics and fans alike for its sincerity and insight into the man’s life.


When a hand that has only worn gloves meets a pen, a masterpiece takes birth. The book is a poignant recollection of a man who was pulled down at every turn in his life and yet came back with a bang. Read the book to understand not only why Ali is considered one of the most famous sportspeople of the past century but also how the political and social workings of a nation can bring about such a massive change in one’s life.


The incredibly fascinating story of the sprinter has been memorialized in this 2013 book penned by the great Jamaican himself. The life history of the fastest man alive has been put on three hundred odd pages which begin with his childhood days when he loved cricket and football more than sprinting. Catch Bolt’s lightning speed journey from the small town of Trelawny to the Bird’s Nest in Beijing in this very exciting autobiography.


The idol of millions of soccer lovers all over- Edson Arantes do Nascimento- wrote a gripping and humorous life story wherein he candidly talks about his life. His journey from playing the game using a sock stuffed with paper to becoming the sport’s greatest player of all time has been given expression in the book with the utmost enthusiasm and genuineness. The autobiography of “The Black Pearl” resonates within the hearts of those who want to pursue their goals and live their wildest dreams.


If anyone defines the power of a woman, it is this feisty Indian boxer. Five times World Champion, ‘Magnificent Mary’ recounts her journey from being born to landless laborers in north-east India to an Olympic podium with full integrity. Her success story, as revealed in the book that is co-written by Dina Sertes, is a true testimony to how if we have the will and the determination to achieve something, we can. The autobiography indeed shows how she is the Goliath who took on the Davids of the boxing ring.

So go ahead and pick up any of these autobiographies for a truly awe-inspiring reading experience from the non-fiction world of literature.