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Laptops to Go For with the Best Battery Life

Any task is based on the basic foundation of saving time, efficiency, effectiveness, and power. While purchasing a laptop, it is inevitable for the battery life to be a major priority on your list of priorities. While features like processors, memory, operating

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7 Car Insurance Terms That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Whenever you buy a car, you spend days on researching and comparing features; right from air bags to the touch and feel of the dashboard, everything is taken into consideration

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Google Takes Artificial Intelligence A Notch Higher With The New Google Assistant

Artificial intelligence is the future of our world. We already have Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana to make our day to day life easy. Walking on the same lines, Google has launched Google Assistant. Just like Siri and Cortana, it Read More

Your everyday commute just got simpler with Google!

If you require to be at a certain place at a specific time and choosing a suitable commute option is simply a task, Google has just made travel more convenient.

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This Diwali Oppo Launches Its New Phone ‘Neo 7’

The Chinese smartphone makers, Oppo Electronics couldn’t have chosen any better time to announce the arrival of their new smartphone, Oppo Neo 7 as it is the pre Diwali shopping season and knowing a new phone launch it would certainly make an impact on their purchase decision. Well, the phone has released in India on 28th October and is priced at Rs. 9990. According to Oppo’s official website, the Indian version of the device will support 4G LTE.

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