Attention ‘Readers’ Here are Free E-Book Reader Apps for Android and iOS

Attention ‘Readers’ Here are Free E-Book Reader Apps for Android and iOS

Attention ‘Readers’ Here are Free E-Book Reader Apps for Android and iOS

by March 20, 2015

Many ardent readers believe Books are their best friends. Indeed, the books make for such a wonderful companion in life, they enlighten us with the best and the latest information, help us develop our vocabulary, improve our communication skills, to cut-short books help us become a better person. If you are an avid reader and love to devour books, you certainly must love carrying your books everywhere you go. But, carrying books can cause a lot of hassles especially while travelling where it becomes nearly impossible to hold your book and read in peace. If you are thinking, that has happened to me so many times? Well, then it is time to bid-adieu to all the hassles and it is time to go Digital.

With everything going digital around us, it was only inevitable that the books too became digital. With the advent of the free e-book reader apps, readers are sure to enjoy a whole new reading experience while turning or rather swiping through the pages. While e-book reading apps are nothing new, it’s the growing number of the free apps that has grabbed the attention of the readers worldwide.

It goes without saying that Mobile have become the Man’s new best friend, no matter what, you would surely not what to leave your mobile phone or tablet device behind. So now with the e-book reader apps, you can roll all your books inside your mobile and get reading anywhere and everywhere. Below listed are a few top free top e-book browsers for Android users.

Aldiko Free eBook reader App

This is quite a popular reader application among the android device users. You can use this app to browse, download hundreds of classics and modern works of literature and read them on your android device.

Download Aldiko Free eBook reader

Kindle eBook App

While many of you would know about the kindle device, not many people actually know that there is a kindle ebook reader app too. This app is specially optimized for the android users so that they can read magazines, textbooks, newspapers, PDFs and of course thousands of free book on their mobile device. The app has a very visually appealing and easy to use interface that makes reading more fun. The Kindle app is available for Android and iOS device users.

Download Kindle eBook App (Android/iOS)

FB Reader eBook App

The significant feature of this eBook reader application for android OS is that it features a book library with books in multiple languages including English, Russian, Mandarin, French and Polish. The app is localized in 14 languages and it also has the capacity to run custom OPDS catalogues.

Download FB Reader eBook App

iBook eBook App

If you have an iOS device and love to read, you must have this app on your device. This app is the official eBook reader app from Apple, the app is compatible with all kinds of Apple devices. iBook includes books that listed on iBookStore where there are literally thousands of books that you can buy as well as there are plenty of classics that can be downloaded for free. With its great interface like the animated page turning, the app will surely enhance your reading experience.

Download iBook eBook App

Kobo eBook App

Kobo is the dark horse in the eBook app battle. The app has its own eBook store that allows you to read books that you have purchased on your Kobo device. The best thing about this app is its layout, which is elegant, intuitive and easy to use. The app is also available for Android Users.

Download Kobo eBook App (Android/iOS)

Now that you are aware of the free eBook apps go ahead and download one on your smart device and get reading!